a desktop computer hacked to become an on-the-go-desktop

Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC 544x440px
(image credit: Milwaukee Makerspace)

there are computer users who are pro laptops and then there are those who are pro desktops. what if the pro desktop folks want to move around and wished they could take their PC along? well, one of the member (RBean) over at the Milwaukee Makerspace hacked a semi-portable computer case together as a “proof of concept”, thus making ‘carrying your PC around’ a reality. i must say the wooden case looks pretty awesome. the case is made out of 1/2-inch oak plywood and has an open top with space ample for storing a keyboard and a trackball mouse.

the lower portion of the wooden box is removable, which also houses the mainboard, hard drive and a full-size power supply. ventilation holes were also created to facilitate cooling with could otherwise be too hot for a wooden enclosure. we can see four nodes sticking out on the LCD side of the case which serves to protect the LCD in the event of toppling over. completing the PC is a shoulder strap for the user to lug this 40-lbs (about 18 kg) baby around. not exactly light weight but hey, it is portable right? check more images below.

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Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC (left) 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC (right) 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC - bottom section removed 800x800px Milwaukee Makerspace On-the-go PC - the computer 800x800px

Milwaukee Makerspace via Hack A Day

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