Electric drive has lowered the barrier to entry into automobile manufacturing. Now, nearly every company with the financial muscle to flex can start an electric vehicle company. Speaking of which, here’s another new kid on the EV block, AEHRA.

AEHRA Ultra Premium Electric Sports Utility Vehicle

AHERA is a Milan-based EV startup and its first vehicle is simply called AHERA SUV, even though it looked more like a sedan. It is so low-slung and low profile that it looks just like a slightly taller sedan. But that’s not to say it is a head-turner. It is. Just look at the AHERA SUV. How can it not turn heads with its futuristic and yet super sleek silhouette?

As you can see, the SUV has extremely short front and rear overhangs which would mean a spacious cabin relative to its length. In fact, AEHRA claims that the SUV would have an “exceptionally spacious cabin that effortlessly accommodates four NBA-sized players in complete comfort.”

AEHRA Ultra Premium Electric Sports Utility Vehicle

It also has mirrors inspired by racing bikes and has upward opening doors – all four of them that would facilitate ease of ingress and egress. Beyond the design, not a lot is known about this upcoming vehicle.

However, we do know a handful of tech specs that the yet-to-be-disclosed electric drive and battery system will offer. The electric motor (or motors) will produce 550-600 KW (738-805 HP), has a top speed of 265 kph (165 mph), and it will have a range of 800 kilometers (497 miles).

AEHRA Ultra Premium Electric Sports Utility Vehicle

We also know that the vehicle is about 5.1 meters (16.7 feet) long, weighs less than 2 tons (4,409 lbs), and rolls on 285/35 tires with 23” (front) and 24” (rear) wheels.

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The AEHRA SUV is an ultra-premium SUV that will be joined by a Sedan to be unveiled in February 2023. Both models are expected to hit the roads in 2025. As far as this ultra-premium SUV goes, it is expected to sell between US$160,000-US$180,000.

All images courtesy of AEHRA.

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