Well, what do you know? Online retail juggernaut, Amazon, not only sells everything and anything, but it is also peddling its own brand of motor oil. You heard that right. Motor oil. You know? That viscous gold-ish fluid that keeps your fossil fuel-powered automobile’s engine cool and lubricated? Yeah, that thing. I never imagine one day Amazon would be selling its own brand of motor oil (or engine oil, as some prefer to call it). But here it is, AmazonBasics High Mileage Motor Oil is a thing and it is available in a variety of SAE grade and volume for your picking.

Amazon AmazonBasics Motor Oil

I cannot help but to think it is an odd move. I mean, how many people actually change oil themselves? I would think a small number of petrol heads actually do that and if so, this would mean that they are not many people buying motor oil, isn’t it? But what do I know right? Perhaps, Amazon have done its homework and knew perfectly what they getting in. Perhaps the online retail giant knew that brand loyalty is non-existence when it comes to motor oil.

Whatever it is, it may be a good thing – if you do change motor oil yourself because, you now know you could ask Alexa to put it in your shopping list. Imagine that. That’s what I call convenience! Now that we think about it, there are some smaller workshops that do allow you to bring your own motor oil and so, perhaps, there is really a market for it? Maybe.

Amazon AmazonBasics Motor Oil

Images: Amazon.

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Source: Jalopnik.

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