I always lament how technology is advancing too fast for kids’ good, but however I lament, it is inevitable. I guess it was same when my parents frown when I secret acquired a cheap “Walkman.” Gone were the days where kids were thrilled by children songs (You know Baby Shark is very catchy?) and read about how eleven princes were turned into swans who only breathe air as humans during the night. Nope. These days, it is about Taylor Swift, America Got Talent, and the only fairy tale they knew is probably Supernatural.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

They are well versed with gadgets too, namely smartphones and tablets. And hence, the existence of kids “edition” gadgets, but how many parents actually bother? Probably a handful. Still, there are companies peddling kids-friendly gadgets and now, you can count Amazon as one of these companies. The online retailer giant has introduced a kids-friendly Echo Dot, aptly called Echo Dot Kids Edition. The product name leaves little to imagination. It is Amazon’s tiny smart speaker with Alexa for kids. Here are what you can expect:

“Introducing a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker with Alexa, designed with kids in mind. Echo Dot Kids Edition can play age-appropriate music, answer questions, tell stories, and more. Includes a black Echo Dot, a 1-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, and a fun kid-friendly case.”

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Knowing kids, each Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition will come with a 2-year worry-free guarantee, so in the event junior breaks it, you will be able to return it and Amazon will replace it for free. With the 1-year sub, your kids will be drawn into the world of regular Echo Dot, but things like skills and music tailored specifically for them. As with many kids-friendly devices, parents can decide how much time kids can spend with their new found AI friend, set bed times, review activity, and whatnot. Basically, it is the same Echo Dot, but with contents that won’t corrupt kiddos.

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is available as pre-order with official availability starting on May 09, 2018. And the price? $79.99 – 30 bucks more than the standard Echo Dot. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe, it’s because, it was “built from the ground up for kids”?

Images courtesy of Amazon.

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