Analogue Pocket Handheld Gaming Device

So, you have a bunch of GameBoy cartridges laying around, but don’t have the classic Nintendo GameBoy unit to play them? Good news for you then because Analogue Pocket will let you play those games while offering some really cool modern touches to boot.

Analogue Pocket Handheld Gaming Device

Modern touches like a decidedly modern look (read: sleek) and a 3.5-inch 1,600 x 1,440 pixels display – a resolution that is 10x higher than that of the original GameBoy. Pixelated gaming has never been this eye-watering.

On top of that, you’d be able to play games that are on any Atari Lynx, Sega Game Gear, or Neo Geo Pocket Color cartridges with an optional adapter. Absolutely no emulator whatsoever is required.

Analogue Pocket Handheld Gaming Device

And it didn’t stop there. It has a built-in synth and sequencer called Nanoloops that lets you use the Analogue Pocket to compose digital tunes too. With an Analogue Dock and Bluetooth, you will be able to play your favorite retro games right on your flat-screen TV with any 8BitDo Bluetooth controller, or if you so choose, a wired controller.

Before you reach out for your wallet, you have to know that the Analogue Pocket handheld gaming device is not happening now; it will only arrive in 2020. Analogue Pocket will sell for $199 and available in limited quantities. That said, if you want to ensure you get the goods, be sure to get yourself signed up to be notified of its availability.

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[UPDATE October 30, 2022] The Analogue Pocket was finally released in December 2021 after much delay. If anyone’s interested, a new batch of the device is available to pre-order for US$219.99.

All images courtesy of Analogue.

Source: the gadgeteer.