Not sure why it took Apple four generations of Apple Watch to implement Always-On Retina display… Oh, right, the battery life… Never mind. Anyways, Always-On Retina display is finally a thing and it is a feature on the new Apple Watch Series 5 which was announced earlier today.

In addition, the new Apple Watch Series 5 also touts built-in compass (nifty), and an International Emergency Calling. The latter allows you to call emergency services straight from Apple Watch in over 150 countries even without your iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 5

Another highlight is the material used which now includes an all-new titanium, in addition to the usual aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic. The design is, well, as you can see, did not depart from when it started 4 years ago. No words on the inner workings of the new Apple Watch.

Apple is marketing heavily on its Compass for navigation feature, Always-On Retina Display, the International Emergency Calling function, and of course, watchOS 6 which touts a female health app, Cycle Tracking app, for keeping tabs on menstrual cycles and more.

Apple Watch Series 5

If you are looking for radical design, Apple Watch Series 5 is not it. However, if you are for features, perhaps watchOS 6 can be at your service.

But this service is going to cost you. Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) starts at $399 and Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) starts at $499. If you are not into everything newest, the good news is, Apple has dropped the Series 3 GPS and GPS + Cellular models starting price to $199 and $299, respectively.

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Apple Watch Series 5

All images courtesy of Apple, Inc..

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