we are living in a blissful age for gadgets. with the technology developing at a breakneck speed, we are opened to more affordable choices and mobile communication device is among the beneficiaries of this development. case in point: the ARCHOS Titanium Smartphones. there are four full-featured, mid-range smartphones in this lineup which carries a retail price starting at just 99 Euros and get this, these prices are for contract-free and fully unlocked phones with dual SIM support for complete carrier flexibility. the four models, namely 40 Titanium, 45 Titanium, 50 Titanium and 53 Titanium, are powered by the same MediaTek dual-core 1.3GHz (MT 6572), backed by a modest system RAM of 512MB.

according to ARCHOS, the MT 6572 is totally capable of 3D graphics, HD video and comes standard with MediaTek’s Miravision display enhancement technology, but how well these handsets’ are going to work out with just half a GB RAM remains to be seen. common features include 3G radios with HSPA+ support, 4GB built-in storage, expandable storage via microSD card slot, a 5MP autofocus camera with LED flash, FM radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS with A-GPS, which users will be treated to free European maps. as always, ARCHOS can’t help but to draw your attention to the fact that their devices, which are running on what appears to be an untouched Android 4.2.2 OS, are Google Certified – meaning full access to Google suite of services, including Google Play.

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the only two things that set the four handsets apart are the display, as denoted by their individual model name (e.g. 40 Titanium has a 4″ display, 45 with a 4.5″ display and so on and so forth) and the battery capacity that ranges from 1,500 mAh for the 4″ handset up to 2,500 mAh for the 5.3″ model. no word on the exact availability as yet, but if you are keen, do keep your eyes peeled on ARCHOS official website. unfortunately, we don’t have more hi-res images to share, except for the Titanium smartphone family image you see above and the two models, the 40 and 45 Titanium, which you can find after the break.

ARCHOS Titanium Smartphones - 45 Titanium

ARCHOS Titanium Smartphones - 40 Titanium

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