ARCHOS Diamond 2 Note Offers You 4G, Octacore And 2K Display For $269

There are more handsets sporting 2K display and fast octacore processor today, but most of them don’t come cheap, or if you want cheaper options, you’d be tied to telco’s contract. Here’s where ARCHOS Diamond 2 Note comes in. It costs a modest $269 and yet it is packed with a list of awesome features, […]

ARCHOS’ New Oxygen Tablets Look Pretty, Cost No More Than $140

If you think paying over 250 bucks for a tablet is considered excessive, then ARCHOS may be able to help. Known for producing a myriad of affordable gadgets that doesn’t skim on features, the France-based electronics maker will be showing off three new Oxygen tablets at the Mobile World Congress 2016. The tablets, namely, 70 […]

ARCHOS Introduces New Octacore Chip Oxygen Smartphone At MWC 2016

If you are in the market for a cheap and reasonable spec’ed smartphone, then you may want check out ARCHOS latest addition, ARCHOS 50d Oxygen. Presented as a ultra-slim and lightweight unit, 50d Oxygen is the latest in the Oxygen series powered by MediaTek MTK6743 octacore chip and sporting an ARM T720 MP3 GPU. RAM […]

ARCHOS Packs a Functional PC into a Stick Form Factor, Cost Just $99

Getting yourself a second computer is easy. All you need are input peripherals like Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, a PC-in-a-stick like the ARCHOS PC Stick will turn any HDMI-equipped TV, display monitors and even projectors into your personal computer. Of course, ARCHOS is not the first to do so. There’s a bunch of them in […]

ARCHOS Magnus Tablet Has a Whopping 256GB Storage – Thanks to the Innovative Fusion Storage

128GB is the max you can get from a tablet’s internal storage today, but that is about to change, thanks to ARCHOS Fusion Storage. So what the heck is Fusion Storage? For starter, Fusion Storage is much like today’s hybrid drive on our desktops which combines the high capacity of a traditional HDD and the […]

ARCHOS Introduces a Series of Smartphones at MWC, Including One That Looks Like iPhone 6

Well, it is time of the year again. We are talking about the world’s most prominent mobile-focused event and that’s the Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, Spain. Whenever you hear MWC, you can be sure French handset company, ARCHOS, will be announcing a slew of new products and they sure did, and among […]

ARCHOS is Developing its Own VR Glasses and it Will Cost Just $30

will today’s powerful smartphone give dedicated Virtual Reality headsets like Oculus Rift a run for their money? it just might when more and more handset makers are jumping on the bandwagon to make smartphone-powered VR headsets and the latest to join the party is ARCHOS. the French outfit has just announced that it is developing […]

ARCHOS Unveils A Handful Of New Gadgets Ahead Of IFA 2014, Including Super Budget Windows Devices

as always, ARCHOS can’t wait to show off a some new gadgets at the upcoming IFA 2014, which will throw open its door on Friday, September 6. the lineup includes an Android handset and a tablet, a Windows phone and a Windows tablet, plus three connected objects that will expand ARCHOS Smart Home concept. kicking […]

ARCHOS Smart Home Joins The Connected Home Segment Using Extended Range Bluetooth

by now we are familiar with the concept of smart or connected home. today’s connected home relies on existing home wireless network, but today ARCHOS breaks the norm by using Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth LE) with its first connected home product, the ARCHOS Smart Home. the French tech company managed to overcome a couple of […]

ARCHOS Unveils ArcBook, A $170 Android Netbook

tablet is one of those God sent when it comes to on-the-go entertainment, but it can be a frustrating experience trying to get real work done on an Android tablet, mainly due to, you guessed it, the lack of ‘proper’ inputs that we are accustomed to when say, working on a laptop or desktop computer. […]