If you are a car enthusiast who constantly care for your ride, then you have probably heard of ceramic coating for automobiles. Up till now, applying this hard-wearing coating requires you to hit up a workshops. Well, not any more, my friends because, automotive care products maker Autoglym’s new Instant Ceramic Coating will let do it yourself.

Autoglym Automobile Instant Ceramic Coating

Autoglym Instant Ceramic Coating for automobile is a durable, high gloss protective finish associated with ceramic coatings, which is simple to apply on wet or dry cars.

Autoglym said that its Instant Ceramic Coating, when applied, will offer deep shine, excellent detergent resistance and durability. And each coating is said to last up to three months.

Autoglym Automobile Instant Ceramic Coating

From what we understand, it is quite actual ceramic coating per se; the formula found in this car grooming product provides “ceramic like layers of protection using a hybrid polymer-resin system.” This coating is said to offer a highly durable chemical resistance coating for your beloved car.

The Autoglym Automobile Instant Ceramic Coating is available from autoglym.com for 90 quid (about US$127) for 5L pack.

Autoglym Automobile Instant Ceramic Coating

Images: Autoglym.

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