awesome vintage radio computer case is not a radio hack

vintage radio computer case
(image: longwinters)

if you have a vintage setup at home, the last thing you want is a modern looking PC to blemish the totality of it. so what do you do? build a vintage radio computer case, that’s what you do. though it would help if you have meddle in building a PC case before. if you are ready to get your hands dirty but do not know how to kick off this project, Instructables member, longwinters, is here to offer his help. a full wood shop proprietor by profession, longwinters spent 40 hours in creating this awesome looking vintage radio computer case, complete with authentic-looking radio dials, funky 50s meter, and a knife-switch that we adore so much. we are totally sold but due to our lack of technical hands, we shall let those with such an adventurous spirit proceed with this project. in the event that you do, do drop us a note with your creation, alright? ready to get down to work? head on down to longwinters’ Instructables and follow his instructions. in the meantime, check out a few images for your viewing pleasure posted after the break.

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