yes, this is a carabiner and no, it isn’t the kind that you will use for mountain climbing, which is why it is so attractive. the BAUHAUS Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner is unlike no other. instead of the traditional, utilitarian design that has remain largely unchanged like, forever, the BAUHAUS is design studio Más Design’s modern iteration of the carabiner, featuring a beautiful titanium unibody construction – and that itself already warrants a mention. we wouldn’t say the old look of a regular carabiner is ‘ugly’, but just that the BAUHAUS looks way better, though we would obliged to think it is only designed for light duties and as the product name suggests, as a handy keychain and that suits us just fine. we are not going to lie to you, the two finishes offered – namely, stone-tumbled and hand brushed finish – will be susceptible to scratch, but those ‘battle scars’ will only add character to the product over time.

though, it is worthy to note that the stone-tumbled finish itself does have certain level of scratch resistant property and the hand-brushed finish version can easily be ‘renewed’ simply by hand sanding them with sandpaper and scrotch-brite. the product comes in a series of sizes and styles to suit your purpose. for example, there’s the regular key carabiner, dubbed the C-type, of varying sizes, and there is the key carabiner and bottle opener combo, known as the K-type, also available in variety of sizes. for the full list of types and sizes available, you may like to check out BAUHAUS Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner Kickstarter page. speaking of which, you can secure yourself one of these by making a pledge of just $28 or more. scroll down for a product video, which pretty much says it all about its beauty and functionality.

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