Beastie Boys Ltd Ed Colored Vinyl

I guess the time is ripe for artistes from the 80s to re-released their works since, those who grew up listening to them are probably at their prime in terms of financial muscles and it is also at this point that this demographic is feeling particularly nostalgia. Having said that, Beasties Boys, the prominent American hip hop/rap group of the 80s, is not about to let themselves left behind in this “anniversary release fad.”

A series of limited edition colored vinyl will be released to mark the respective anniversaries of four albums on October 4, 2019. The albums are Paul’s Boutique (original release year: 1989), III Communication (original release year: 1994), Root Down EP and To The 5 Boroughs, both released in 2004.

Well, I have to say that this may be taking “anniversary release fad” a little too far. I mean, usually, anniversary marks the band’s beginning to date, but in the case of Beastie Boys, it is anniversary for each albums. I suspect, some artistes sometime down the road may be releasing anniversary album to mark his/her/their first world tour.

Anywho, the anniversary albums are pressed on 180g vinyl and if you are down, they can be pre-ordered HERE for $29.99 and up. It does not appear to have a special four-album bundle.

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Image: Beastie Boys/UMe.