GoDice The Connected Smart Dice

Ever stop and wonder how advanced the world is at this point? Well, it’s very advanced. So advanced that a tiny object like a die is now smart and connected. You heard that right. Dice are now smart and connected. And smart and connected are exactly what the GoDice is.

GoDice The Connected Smart Dice

Created by Tel-Aviv-based tech company Particula (not a typo, btw) that created GoCube and Rubik’s Connected, GoDice is a set of smart connected dice that, together with a companion app (available for both Android and iOS), takes the best dice games like Yatzy, Farkle, and more into the digital age.

To be clear, we are not talking about rolling virtual dice. We talking about tactile, physical dice. Each set of GoDice contains six dice – all of which are Bluetooth-connected. The app knows exactly when each die is taken, shaken, rolled, and the resulting number. It even knows if you tried to cheat.

GoDice The Connected Smart Dice

With GoDice, you can ditch pen and paper, scoresheets, and skip tracking and calculating altogether. The app automatically does them for you. All you and your friends/family need to do is to roll the dice.

With the connected dice and app, they also take stats and analytics to a whole new level (without you pulling your hair). You will be able to keep up with the performance and see the historical data like trend score over time, average score, games won and lost, game time, power of your toss, number of turns, and more.

GoDice The Connected Smart Dice

But how does GoDice do it? Well, the magic lies in the advanced miniaturized tech inside each die. Packed inside each standard size casino dice are 3D sensors, a Bluetooth module, a light, a processing unit, and a power source which is a supercapacitor that offers two hours of use with just 10 seconds of charging.

Speaking of charging, the sleek, long container that holds the dice also doubles as the charging case. Since the app offers a bunch of dice-based games, it also means you can carry a whole back of games wherever you go which is kinda cool.

The GoDice The Connected Smart Dice can be had for US$119.95 from Amazon.com and from GoCube website.

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Images courtesy of Particula.

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