socks. an item that we hardly give a damn about, but the guys behind the Bombas Socks are so serious about this seemingly minute everyday wear that we think they deserves to be called socks engineers. beyond its colorful and attractive styling lies a series of “sock engineering” that you will never look at another pair of socks the same again. the guys are calling the Bombas Socks the game-changing socks and looking at the specs and features (yes. it has both), there’s no reason to doubt that statement. crafted from long staple peruvian pima cotton which let you feel cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the cold of the winter, this particular material is said to wick moisture better over traditional cotton which translates to a comfy wear throughout the day, anytime of the year.

other features include “INVISITOE” for a seamless toe area, a honeycomb support system to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the arch, a reinforced footing for that extra support and durability without adding thickness to the socks, a Y-stitched heel for a natural cup around the heel, stay-up technology that keeps the socks from sliding down and yet not too tight, and a blister tab (applicable to ankle socks) for an added protection to prevent rubbing and chafing at the ankle area. wrapping up the package is a pair of socks that looks unlike no other. current options include two based colors, accented by a choice of four neon colors and as a boon, if you grab these socks, you will be doing a charitable deed: for every purchase you made, the same number socks will be donated to those in need.

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the Bombas Socks is currently up on INDIE GOGO and has since breached its initial funding goal, which means your pledge of $24 or more will guarantee three pairs of Bombas Socks at your doorstep come this November. if you want more Bombas, all you have to do is to pledge more. head on down to the team’s INDIE GOGO page to check out their reward levels.

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