the myth is in-ear buds don’t quite need noise canceling, but you and i know that ain’t true. that “don’t need” largely depends on the environment and so suspect that the technology to replicate the excellent nuisance noise eliminator in such tiny buds are not every makers’ forte. Bose did it. with the Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Headphones. the audio equipment maker has ported its noise canceling technology found on its headphones and cramped it into this handsome in-ear headphones, featuring up to 16 hours of noise busting duties from its lithium-ion battery, along with a toggle button to choose between a full-on noise reduction or the aware mode to let some of the world’s noise in so that you can still keep in touch with the “outside” world while you are enjoying your favorite tunes.

other highlights include the usual Bose audio reproduction prowess as offered through the firm’s propriety technologies, StayHear+ tips for extra noise isolation and comfort, and an inline four- or two-button remote with microphone for use with your iDevices or devices such as Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, letting you take control over the volume, music control, as well as voice commands without having to retrieve your device from out of the bag or pocket. the Bose QuietComfort 20 In-Ear Headphones goes for $299.95 a pair. head past the jump for a few more larger views.

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