You know what’s one of the hardest things to do in life? Getting people who borrowed from you to return the money. Unlike the government and businesses, you can’t simply engage a bounty hunter or debt collector to get the money back because, friends. Actually, no. More often than not, the sum is hardly worth the amount you need to put in for such services. Understanding this, one enterprising startup decided that it can take the awkwardness out of debt collection on behalf of you and it is doing It through a web application located at which will eliminate the need for you to remind your friends about the money they owed you.

Bounty Hunt Web App Helps Get Your Money Back

In other words, is your personal virtual bounty hunter. It is a place where you can input the debts your friends owe you and track the payment of each of them. All you need is to let knows who owes you money and it will send them a text or an email with your custom payment links, so they can make their payment easily and make no excuses. If that’s not enough, each reminder will also come with “a really nice GIF” to, I don’t know, encourage them to pay? Or maybe make the ‘mood’ a little less ‘tense’, I supposed?

Anyways, if you engage services, you will have access to a dashboard, along with weekly summary via email, detailing who have paid you and via which platform. is no doubt a novel idea, but man, you have to be lending out quite a bit and quite frequently to warrant such service. is in closed beta now which we have an invitation to give it go, but not anyone of us has debts to collect. In any case, you can check out the website to learn more, or perhaps, if it fits your need, you can request to have a go.


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