love a good audio speaker and also have the love for Maserati? then we supposed the Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition would appeal to you too. released in celebration of the partnership between Bowers & Wilkins and Maserati, the 805 Maserati Edition is based on B&W’s 805 Diamond and incorporates “elements of the luxurious interior of a Maserati car.” we must say it’s easy to see the relation: the bird’s eye maple real wood veneer and the black Maserati leather (both of which are the real-deal stuff as used in the Italian automaker’s rides) does indeed resonant that of a Maserati’s opulent car interior. delightful cabinet asides, the 805 Maserati Edition features several audiophile-grade technologies, including the Diamond Dome Tweeter, and promised to deliver a listening experience “synonymous with the culture and heritage of both brands.” to which we supposed only Maserati owners can relate to, but nevertheless, an opportunity for non-owner and Maserati’s enthusiasts to experience the same exquisite craftsmanship and audio reproduction that are synonymous with both brands. available in Autumn 2013.

however, if the Bowers & Wilkins 805 Maserati Edition (US$tba) isn’t enough to quell you insatiable appetite for the two brands, then look out for a P5 Maserati Edition headphone coming to you later this year. click through for a few more views of this beautiful speaker.

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