there are many ways to dump your excess millions and one of most worthy would be acquiring an exotic ride such as this Pagani Zonda Revolucion Supercar. by now, if the mere mention of Pagani doesn’t ring the exotic bell, we really don’t what will. still powered by the AMG-sourced 6.0-liter V12 like the Huayra, but now wringing out a cool 800 horses, accompanied by 730 Nm (538 lb-ft) pure metal twirling torque – pushed out through a six-speed sequential gearbox that does gears swapping in mere 20 milliseconds. with that kind of output, the formality of performance figures can be dispensed with, but one thing is for sure: it sure needs a hell’lot of stopping power to haul this exotic beast to a stop and hence, F1-derived carbon ceramic brake discs are incorporated into its Brembo braking system to get the job done.

also feature on this lust-worthy, not-for-everyone ride is a Drag Reduction System (or DRS) where the rear wing switches between two downforce settings, either manually by the driver via the manual mode, or just let the ride regulates automatically as the algorithms see fits. additionally, a 12-step traction control system developed by Bosch further aids in the handling department to ensure this carbon titanium monocoque supercar always stay the right side up. like any Pagani super high performance exotics, this ride is one bank account wrecker: it will cost a mind-bending €2.2 million (or about US$2.85 million, based on the current going rate) to own and that’s not including any taxes. so, Scrooge McDuckians, take note.

Pagani via Luxury Launches

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