BRATT is a self defense tool that is also a bottle opener

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(image credit: Triple Aught Design) Triple Aught Design BRATT | US$99.00 |

there are times where we need a single handy tool that lets us pop a bottle of booze or two. it would be awesome if that little opener could do much more, such as fending yourself against hostile drunks. the BRATT, acronym for Be Ready Always Titanium Tool, from Triple Aught Design lets you do just that and more. there are two variations of BRATT: Spanner or E-Key. whether you need to pry open cans of paint, yank out some nails, tighten some screws or pop open a beverage, the BRATT does it all. that’s not all, it is a ‘last ditch’ self defense impact device too. all you have to do is slip the BRATT over your middle finger, make a fist and we believe, your fate is in the palm of your hand. machined out of solid 6AL-4V Titanium billet and measuring just 3.10-inch by 2.38-inch, it comes with three lanyard holes for you to attached to your neck strap or key chain and oh, it also has a hole to handle Hex screws and a flathead screwdriver tip. sweet.

the Triple Aught Design BRATT retails for $99 a pop and is available on Triple Aught Design web store.

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Triple Aught Design BRATT - Spanner (right) and E-Key (left) variations 800x800px Triple Aught Design BRATT - pry tip with nail puller 800x800px Triple Aught Design BRATT - flathead screwdriver tip 800x800px Triple Aught Design BRATT - Hex driver 800x800px Triple Aught Design BRATT - spanner wrench 800x800px Triple Aught Design BRATT - E-Key variation 800x800px

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