Firmship FS 42 is a classic boat worthy of calling it home

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(image credit: Firmship) Firmship FS 42 | €329,000.00 |

there are no fancy cutting edge tech here but the beauty lies in the fact that this boat was designed with cues from the classic boat of the yesteryear. what makes this boat special (no, not the price but we come to that later) is that the interior has been liberated by the magical hands of Belgium design duo, Studio Job and the exterior bolded up by nautical architect Willem Nieland. we do not know how else to put it but simply to say that this boat has every attention to details – from the teak wood used throughout the ship’s interior including the doors, the deck furniture to the meticulous symbols curved into the door knobs to the sofa adorn with subtle prints of Moby dick, anchors and so on.
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power comes from the Perkins M135 HP 6 cylinder engine with hydraulic gear system which gives the Firmship FS 42 a modest 10 knots top speed but hey, speed ain’t an issue. it is safe to say that if we were to be able to afford this boat, we would love it to be seen in slow-mo. the FS 42 measures 12.5 m long, 3.85m wide and has cabins that caters up to 4 persons. it is hard to narrate the beauty of the awesome creation and hence, we implore you to check out some beautiful images after the break. you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

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in case you belong to the insanely rich category, you might like to know this beautiful example is going for a cool €329,000, which about US$455,000 including tax. needless to say, it is way out of our league unless we resort to the pirating trade which we do not have intention to do so. seriously.

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Firmship FS 42 with Studio Job 900x600px Firmship FS 42 with Studio Job - galvanized anchor and rubber fenders 900x600px Firmship FS 42 - deck furniture in teak 600x900px Firmship FS 42 - cabin with treated teak carpentry 900x600 Firmship FS 42 - cabin with treated teak carpentry featuring in Corian imitation leather upholstered ceiling 900x600px Firmship FS 42 - cabin and bath 900x600px Firmship FS 42 - engraved steel doorknobs with nautical detailing all round 900x600px Firmship FS 42 - pilot's helm with engraved skull and crossbones 900x600px Firmship FS 42 - bath finished in teak and Corian featuring standing shower facility 600x900px Firmship FS 42 - helmsman custom made chair 600x900px

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