PARROT WiFi and Bluetooth wireless digital photo frame

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(image credit: PARROT) DIA PARROT by NoDesign | about US$500.00 |

we thought this is the sleekest digital photo frame in the market right now. though we are not sure what’s the market sentiment for such a product but this Mac-ish wireless digital photo frame from PARROT boost an unique technology for image display. if you thought the photo frame’s image looks a little different, well, you are not wrong. due to the separate depth location of the screen and the backlight source which makes the photo frame looks somewhat like a lighted box. the translucent 10.4-inch screen has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and display photos in 24-bit color.
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the DIA PARROT by NoDesign wireless digital photo frame provides a host of ways to transfer photos from your source to it. being WiFi b/g enabled, means you can drag and drop photos directly from your PC or Mac to the photo frame, while the Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR connectivity allows photos to be picked up by the photo frame from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. the built-in SD/MMC card slot provides option to expand the internal memory or use it to transfer photos to the photo frame’s internal memory. there are a pair USB ports for further expansion via USB flash drive or hard drive.

the DIA operates on Google Android OS which allows connection to the Internet directly with the photo frame. all you need is to connect a USB keyboard and USB mouse to its USB ports. other features include alarm function, automatic update over WiFi and auto adjustment of photo size to fit the photo frame screen. the PARROT DIA features a 200 MB built-in internal memory which can store up to 1,500 photos using Parrot’s optimized compression feature.

on the software front, the photo frame features integration with online services such as Frame Channel, Mobile Me, Picasa and Flickr. the DIA PARROT by NoDesign is truly a power house of digital photo frame and we believe you couldn’t anymore full-featured for a photo frame than this (and so does the price…).

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DIA Parrot by NoDesign - left, rear and right views 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - left angled perspective view 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - right angled perspective view 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - top angled perspective view 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - access Internet 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - download direct from digital camera 800x800px DIA Parrot by NoDesign - SD/MMC card expansion slot 800x800px

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