Budd Shirts are an institution in London fashion circles and they are widely recognized as one of the finest tailors in London. Founded in 1910 and still operating from the same small store that their business originally began over a century ago, Budd offer some of the finest bespoke dress shirts on the market and the quality of the craftsmanship is beyond compare.

Famed for all their shirts and accessories, Budd also offer a superb range of morning wear which is typically suited to formal events such as business meetings, weddings, race meetings and other occasions were sartorial excellence is a must. Each of the items above including the grey leather gloves, stylish pocket square and Budd day shirt boast unparalleled style and comfort and will add more than a dash of sophistication to any carefully chosen suit.

For any dapper chap, some bespoke accessories from a world renowned tailor will definitely ramp up your style significantly in 2013 and nobody offers a more impressive range of fine dress shirts than that of Budd, who operate out of Piccadilly Arcade in the West End of London. Such is the appeal of their craftsmanship, their two classically trained tailors are frequently flown across the Atlantic to New York to supply bespoke dress shirts to Americans who have fallen for the immense and inexorable comfort and luxury of their exemplary dress shirts and accessories.

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