The beauty of concept vehicle is, the designer has the liberty to dream of anything. Take for example the Bugatti Hyper Truck Concept by Prathyush Devadas, a senior interior designer at Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motors.

Bugatti Hyper Truck is supposed to be a semi, but strangely, it lacks of independent elements like a semi should. But honestly, if this one-structure design could work, I guess the days of jack-knifing is over. Maybe?

Bugatti Hyper Truck Concept by Prathyush Devadas

As far as the ‘spirit’ of Bugatti goes, Prathyush is spot on. As a truck of the future, it surprisingly has a cabin. Ignoring the fact that it might not be autonomous, the cabin is actually super futuristic.

It (the cabin) is suspended in a ‘C’ structure of the truck’s front end and it is very narrow, no doubt part of the aerodynamic consideration.

It is absolutely gorgeous, but as said in the post title, lets just appreciate for this Bugatti Hyper Truck for what it is and not ask how it make turns.

Images: Behance (prathyush devadas).

Source: Uncrate.

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