Asia’s handset makers are getting very creative when it comes to showing off the power of 5G connectivity. Oppo had a 5G hotel, ZTE has a 5G robotic dog while Sony and Docomo has a 5G driverless concept vehicle. Meanwhile, OnePlus has taken a less serious approach with Snowbots.

Snowbots are not robotic Olaf. They are OnePlus 5G phone-powered snowball-firing robots capable of sending snowballs downrange at 120 miles an hour (roughly 193 kph). That’s a speed enough to cause some pretty nasty injuries.

Thankfully, these Snowbots are not on a mission to wipe out humanity. At least not yet. They will be going up against each other, manned by YOU AND I.

OnePlus 5G-connected Snowball-firing Robots
No official images of the Snowbots. At this point, it’s just teasers.

From March 9 through to March 12, you can take the con, so to speak, of one of the four Snowbots and hopefully, give your opponents a good smack down. The games will go on 24 hours from March 9-12.

The Snowbots are at Lapland, but you don’t need to be there physically. The 5G snowball fight will pit two teams of two against each other and you can get in line to play by visiting OnePlus Snowbots page on the said dates.

You can learn more about OnePlus Snowbots HERE, or follow the livestream on YouTube when the games kick off on March 9.

Images: OnePlus.

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