During a vacation at Grand Canyon donkey years ago, we had to spend the night in a rented wagon due to some misunderstanding in the accommodation. If we have the Car Travel Inflatable Bed, we wouldn’t have sore neck the next morning, or at least some of us won’t. The Car Travel Inflatable Bed is what it says it is: an inflatable bed for your car and why should anyone need this? Well, probably not, unless you happen to be in the same situation as me, or you got kicked out of your home (or something along the line), then you will know that sleeping on the rear seat isn’t the most fun thing to do. It has to do with the seating ergonomic which automakers have tried so hard to achieve so you could seat comfortably.

Car Travel Inflatable Bed

Automakers didn’t expect anyone to be sleep back there and so, the lack of flat surface for a good night rest, neither is it good for, ermmm, you know what. The airbed is the solution to that aching problem by forming a bed of size 115-130cm by 85-90 cm, providing a relatively even surface for sleeping on, complete with air-filled support at the leg wells so you don’t fall into the ‘pits’. The result is a space that could fit to slim person with a total weight not exceeding 300 kg. The only downside is, a little workout is required before you could hit the sack. Now, where’s the shower, you said? You can pick up the Car Travel Inflatable Bed off InfPass for $75.

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Car Travel Inflatable Bed

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