Lets face it. Not everyone who plays piano has the luxury of space to accommodate an upright piano, let alone a grand piano. Thankfully, for the musically inclined you, there is the Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano.

Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano

Casio PX-S1100 is a piano that requires just a desk space. Thanks to it having the “world’s slimmest body,” it won’t take up a whole lot of table top real estate too.

With the PX-S1100, it duplicates a grand piano with a weighted action that is subtly heavier in the lower range and becomes lighter as the player ascends the keyboard.

Moreover, it boasts improved string resonance that reproduces the complex harmonics of an acoustic piano.

Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano

Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano is described as having “an inviting keyboard touch” while “offering stunningly realistic piano sound,” despite it not being a traditional piano.

All these is made possible thanks in part to the upgraded speakers and speaker positioning, and the multi-dimensional morphing AiR Sound Source.

This being a Casio, expect some pretty serious electronic wizardry under the hood, including the new Bluetooth MIDI capability. With the included WU-BT10 adapter, the PX-S110 can be turned into a Bluetooth speaker. And finally, it is, of course, app-enabled.

Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano
And it is totally portable too.

The Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano will hit the market in September for an undisclosed sticker. Meanwhile, you may learn more about the PX-S1100 HERE.

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