Rutgers University’s Drone Can Fly In The Air And Dive Underwater

Drone and water don’t mix, but at Rutgers University, the researchers beg to differ. Unlike regular multicopters, Rutgers’ SubUAS “Naviator” Drone has no qualm about taking a dive into the water and that’s in addition to its ability fly like any regular multi-rotor drone. More importantly, it needs no transformation as it goes from air […]

Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery As Explained By Jeremy Clarkson

If you don’t already know, the future is upon us. The future where you can order something online and it will be delivered to you by an airborne drone, well, at least that’s going to happen for the world’s biggest e-tailer, Amazon. The talk of drone delivery has been going for a while now and […]

Boeing Partners With Peugeot Design Lab to Create A Helicopter

Peugeot Design Lab is unlike any automobile design house. First of all, it is own and operated by the French automaker and secondly, it does a whole lot more than turning up fancy cars. It has food truck, timepiece, collectible toys, jewelry, piano, furniture and more, under its growing design portfolio. Now, it can proudly […]

Airbus Hatches Evil Plan to Stack Passengers in the Name of Optimizing Use of Cabin Space

It is no secret that commercial jet makers have been wooing airlines with aircrafts that can carry more. But this latest seating arrangement patent filed by Airbus takes the cake as the most evil plan of all. Yes. We said ‘evil’ because if the present cramped seating arrangement in the economy class isn’t bad enough, […]

Check Out This Insane Manned Aerial Vehicle That 54 Rotors

Men, when given the opportunity and right technology, can create pretty insane contraptions. The so-called “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone” by YouTuber GasTurbine101 is one such crazy creations. Instead of buying a kit helicopter like most people do, GasTurbine101 created a manned multicopter that actually flies. Don’t expect it to be the next […]

This is Sony’s Commercial Drone and it Can Take to the Sky Vertically

I bet you didn’t think Sony will ever make a drone. Well, in fact, the Japanese electronics giant’s mobile arm is already in process of making one and mind you, this ain’t no child’s play. This Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone is destined for far greater things than taking breathtaking footages of Son Doong Cave; […]

Mercedes-Benz Teamed Up with Lufthansa Technik to Develop State-of-the-Art Luxury Aircraft Cabins

Mercedes-Benz’s design department has dabbled in a variety of design projects including eyewear, furniture, leather goods, yacht and even souping up the interior of private helicopters. It suffice to say that when it comes to luxury in mobile, it is kind of the German automaker’s forte. It has taken its know-how in VIP pampering to […]

Swiss Post to Trial Drone Delivery for Small Packages and Documents

Drones are invading our lives and they don’t seem to be stopping. If anything, drone uses have grown exponentially and in every situation imaginable. It has gone beyond leisure and imaging, and are being used in some parts of the world to delivery small packages like meds and there’s even a bold plan to turn […]

Watch NASA Massive Ten-engine Electric Drone Morphs From a Helicopter to a Plane While in Midair

NASA has a new ‘toy’ that could one day change the way we fly or how we deliver small packages, and this new ‘toy’ is the Greased Lightning GL-10 VTOL Drone. NASA did not specifically refer to it as a drone (maybe drone sounds little less friendly?), but as remotely controlled electric plane. The GL-10 […]

Krossblade Aerospace’s Skyprowler UAV is a Precursor to the Firm’s Future Personal VTOL Airplane

For the longest time in human history, mankind have been dreaming of flying cars. Even with today’s technology, flying cars are far from reality and one of the stumbling blocks is obviously landing and taking off. Up till today, flying car concepts all require runway or some sort of reasonably flat ground for taking off […]