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Two- or Three-wheel pedaled powered or electric driven or a hybrid of both.

Küat Racks Bike Lock disguises itself as a water bottle

Kuat Racks Bike Lock 900x560px
(photos: Küat Innovations) Küat Racks Bike Lock | US$34.00 |

style conscious cyclists will no doubt be concerned by how typical bike lock tends to tarnish the look of their otherwise sleek bike but not too worry, cos’ the newly announced Küat Racks Bike Lock is here to solve your woes. if aesthetic is all you are concerned with, then this bike lock disguised as a water bottle should do the trick. that’s assuming that aesthetic precedes security as this bike lock’s 5-feet long, 8-mm braided steel cable won’t do do any good if meet with its arch nemesis, the cable cutter. further, pretty aesthetic is only when you have the bike lock coiled up into the fake water bottle cos’ snaking cables were never a pretty sight. Continue reading Küat Racks Bike Lock disguises itself as a water bottle

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory: a bike with a holder

14 Bike Co Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Holder 900x515px
(photos: Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Bicycle | US$tba |

normally, when we talked about tablet accessories, we think stylus, cases and stuff like that but that was before Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Bike. Samsung UK has teamed with bespoke bike maker, 14 Bike Co (that’s the bike manufacturer firm’s name) to create this custom hand built pedal power two-wheeler with custom black and white paint job and a removable carbon fiber holder that fits Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. honestly, i can’t see the point in having this bike-cum-holder accessory except to put the tablet through a test of the elements. apparently, the holder is designed by F1 manufacturers and is touted to be super light weight (125 grams, to be exact) and has a super strong premium finish. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory: a bike with a holder

Ford’s E-Bike Concept has Formula One technology

Ford E-Bike Concept 900x515px
(credit: Ford) Ford E-Bike Concept | US$tba(concept) |

automaker dabbling into bicycles aren’t new and the latest to join this automaker bicycle bandwagon is Ford, and in the process, Ford took it to a whole new level by conceptualizing not only an electric bike, but one that incorporates technology used in the Formula One race car. making things more interesting is, instead of commissioning some bicycle specialist to create this bicycle, this yet-to-be named e-bike concept is developed by one Ford Design team in collaboration with cyber-Wear, the German brand that’s also responsible for Ford’s Lifestyle Collection products. one look at the E-Bike Concept, you will know this isn’t your regular bicycle or electric bike, for that matter. Continue reading Ford’s E-Bike Concept has Formula One technology

Colnago for Ferrari CF8 and CF9 Performance Bicycles

Colnago for Ferrari CF8 and CF9 Bicycles 544x450px
(credit: Ferrari) Colnago for Ferrari CF8 (US$17,158.33) and CF9 ($4,082.50) Bicycles |

first introduced at EICA, Milano back in July 2011, the CF8 and CF9 are created and developed by Italian bicycle specialist Colnago in collaboration with Ferrari and are now officially available for pre-order from Ferrari online store. the first bike, the CF8, has a limited edition of just 200 pieces with 10 units produced exclusively for the CF8 features a handcrafted carbon fiber frame for extreme rigidity and strength, and is equipped with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 electronic gear change for double quick gear and precise gear change. other features include battery integrated into the frame, SLR Monolink carbon, integrated FSA one-piece handlebar in carbon fiber, and Carbon Mavic Cosmic Ultimate wheels. all these combination allows the CF8 to weigh in at just 6.9-kilograms (15-pounds). Continue reading Colnago for Ferrari CF8 and CF9 Performance Bicycles

want splurge $5k on a bike? Budnitz bicycles are here for you

Paul Budnitz Bicycle No2 900x600px
(credit: Paul Budnitz) Paul Budnitz Bicycles | US$5,500.00 |

though i have no idea who Paul Budnitz is but i do know he has just introduced a pair of bicycles that capture our hearts. if beautiful high-end bicycles are what you are after, these pair of Paul Budnitz Bicycles, namely No.1 and No.2 should appeal to you. these bicycles feature Budnitz’s trademarked titanium alloy frame with split-tube cantilever frame, titanium half-crown fork, disc brakes and in place of the conventional gears and chains, it has Gates Carbon Belts. each of the frame is said to weigh a ridiculously light 3.3-lbs (1.5-kilograms) and the bicycle is offered in either the everyday commute variant (model No.1) or dirt-road happy variant (model No.2). both bicycles are available exclusively via Paul Budnitz Bicycles website for a cool sum of $5,500 each. hit past the jump for a few more look of both the No.1 and No.2. Continue reading want splurge $5k on a bike? Budnitz bicycles are here for you

Smart ebike: power-assisted mobility on two wheels

Smart ebike 544x388px
(credit: Daimler) Smart ebike | about €2,900.00 |

Smart’s latest electric vehicle has outsmarted its Smart Fortwo in terms of ease of parking and this new electric vehicle in question has two wheels less. that’s right, it is an electric bicycle or should i say a Pedal Electric Cycle. in essence, it is considered as a hybrid vehicle. powered by a 250 watt electric motor, rider will have a choice of four power levels and thanks to its 400 Wh lithium-ion battery, the bike could achieve a range of more than 100-kilometers. though this will also depend on what power level is chosen and how the ebike is pedaled. Continue reading Smart ebike: power-assisted mobility on two wheels

INgSOC concept hybrid bike – alien bike on the face of earth

INgSOC concept hybrid bike 544x448px
(credit: Edward Kim/Benny Cemoli)

we have seen our fair share of concept bike but the INgSOC by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli looks like a bike that’s left behind after an alien invasion. no seriously, that’s the first thing that came to my mind. along with its alien-like look, is a carbon fiber reinforced polymer structure and an advanced hybrid power technology. a battery pack exist to power the hybrid’s motors, front and rear lights, and a charging dock for mobile devices like smartphone and GPS. the rider’s pedal power is also translated into power to contribute to the battery juice. so what’s with the odd, alien-looking design? apparently, it is the combination of “the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handing of traditional bikes” that result in this breathtaking conceptual design. seriously, i don’t really care how it transmit is forces cos’ all i care is it look pretty damn good! more pics after the break. Continue reading INgSOC concept hybrid bike – alien bike on the face of earth

Autum’s Epitaph looks like the Harley Davidson of bicycles

AUTUM Epitaph 544x544px
(credit: Autum) Autum Epitaph | US$2,950.00 |

ever wonder how bicycles will look like if Harley Davidson were to make one? just take look at the Autum’s Epitaph – a pedal-powered two wheeler with double-mounted tires on a frame that look like a classic Harley bike. well, maybe a boney version, that is. the black power coated frame is accented with handcrafted, laser engraved, turn & tuck age leather seat and insert, giving this exclusive bicycle a truly masculine form. other highlights include oversized, double crown fork, 4130 Chromoly 3-piece cranks, coaster brake and custom crafted alloy wheels. the Autum Epitaph has a very limited production run of just 12 units and carries an exclusive price tag of $2,950. so if you want one, you better be doubly quick cos’ 12 ain’t exactly a huge number. check out a few more images of this handsome two-wheel stallion after the break. Continue reading Autum’s Epitaph looks like the Harley Davidson of bicycles

Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

Cart Bike 544x408px
(credit: Zieak)

reducing your carbon footprint is easy – you can start by riding a bicycle for your daily grocery shopping routine but there is just one problem: you can’t carry very much on a two wheeler, hence Instructables member Ryan McFarland aka Zieak came up with a brilliant idea by mashing a disused shopping cart with a bicycle. the result is what Zieak dubbed as Cart Bike. with this bicycle-shopping cart hybrid, you can not only acquire a whole cart worth of groceries enough to feed a platoon but you will be going to turn heads too, though it will not be such a good corner turner according to Zieak. hey, you are not in for a grocery bike Grand Prix so why worry? besides, with the shopping cart’s four wheels, it’s definitely going to be way more stable then your traditional two wheeler. pretty neat, huh? want one? well, you can’t grab one off the shelf but you can get your hands dirty by following Zieak’s instructions as laid out on Instructables. Continue reading Cart Bike: tailor-made for your daily grocery shopping trip

ElliptiGO fills the gap between running and cycling

ElliptiGO 544x600px
(credit: ElliptiGO) ElliptiGO | from US$1,799.00 |

if you are one of those who are can’t take the harsh impact of running, and cycling at length is not an alternative due to its associated discomfort, you could get yourself a stationary exercise bike and miss out on the wonderful sceneries awaiting for you out there, or you could get yourself the ElliptiGO. instead of sitting down to pedal, you stand and move your feet like you are walking or running. this walking or running action is translated into an elliptic motion that powers the ElliptiGO. Continue reading ElliptiGO fills the gap between running and cycling