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Android watch: Winamp Beta & Whatsapp Messenger for Android

Android Watch 544px
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it’s official: Whatsapp is now available on Android Market – not beta anymore. so friends out there who are using Android devices, can now text me via Whatsapp. saves us some money. great.

remember Winamp? to me Winamp is to MP3 as iPod is to portable music player. that was the first player that i used when i first discovers the wholesome goodness of MP3 music. i sure did have a lot fun with Winamp for desktop back then. you know adding plugins and changing the skins… now Winamp Beta is now available for Android (OS 2.1 & above) users. it will not be just another music player, but it will be a complete media management for Android and syncs seamlessly between your Winamp desktop library, wirelessly or wired via USB cable. the Winamp Beta features persistent player controls, play queue management, widget players & shortcuts and displays song info, album art et cetera.

FaceTime Beta installation and first test

this a rather exciting feature, so i decided to do a test run on my iPhone 4 and iMac. downloaded FaceTime Beta yesterday and installed it. those whose still have yet to update your iPhone 4 to iOS 4.1, you may want to do so. i was on iOS 4.0 previously and FaceTime on Mac prompted me that ‘FaceTime on iPhone needs to be updated’. so i suggest you do so too. anyhow, download (14.1MB) and installation was very zippy. ok, i got no one to call this morning when i did the test, so i was calling myself on my iPhone. strange as it was, but hey, it was a test and i’m not digging into call quality anyway. 2 simple calls were made: from Mac to iPhone and iPhone to Mac. if you haven’t update your iPhone 4 to Mac, you won’t be able to call from your iPhone 4 to Mac either.

FaceTime Beta test - installation 544px
the standard installation process...
FaceTime Beta test - installation completes 544px
completion of installation...
FaceTime Beta test - setting up process 544px
part of the set-up process: sign up or log-in with your existing Apple ID to associate the Mac with FaceTime
FaceTime Beta test - iMac calls iPhone 544px
first call - iMac calls iPhone. ok, this was me calling myself, but it works anyhow
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone 4 calling iMac 544px
the second call was from iPhone to iMac.
FaceTime Beta test - iPhone calls iMac 544px
(left) is the call view on iPhone. (right) is the address book on iPhone. note the new 'FaceTime' button

using iPhone as credit card payment and mobile POS machine

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you can trust Japanese to come with ingenious ideas. here’s another one to add to the record. if you are looking to expand your iPhone functionality for business use, this could be one of them: using your iPhone to accept credit card payment and as a mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) machine. basically, the iPhone will be mounted on an integrated printer/barcode reader/magnetic card reader to achieve the card payment acceptance and POS capabilities. this idea will definitely see applications where mobility is required, such as mobile stores, exhibition booths et cetera, where installation of POS and credit card machine is not convenient.

there are already devices which supports mobile POS and credit card payment which works over telecommunication networks, but what sets this apart is it’s ability to read the barcode off the products (which is linked to the products database) to facilitate the POS transaction. that means, scanning the products, summing them up and pay via the POS or credit card payment, right there and then. immediately after POS, latest stock status will be refreshed in the database thus keeping the availability of stock in real time. sounds quite an effort, especially on the software aspects.

brand collaborations: super-car branded laptops

over the years, tech companies must have found out the close relation between super car lovers and gadget lovers. hence the birth of the collaboration between consumer gadgets and super car branding. not that the consumer gadgets will get any insane horsepower or ultra streamline aerodynamics profile, and no i’m very sure the gadgets didn’t turn up in a wind-tunnel test. let’s have a look a few of those collaborations, although some of the products may have already been released for a few months now. featured here are just a few recent collaborations, not mentioning attempts by Koenigsegg Supercar or Ego with their Bently branded, odd looking laptops. Continue reading brand collaborations: super-car branded laptops

Sharp concept smartphone with 3D showcased in CEATEC Japan 2010

Sharp Mobile 3D @ CEATEC 2010 544px(photo source:

how would like to take 3D still images and movies? now, how do you like taking 3D still images and movies via your mobile phone? Sharp presented the concept “Mobile 3D” to make this a dream comes true. armed with 2 cameras built into the mobile phone, the Mobile 3D enables taking of 3D still images and 3D movies via your mobile and viewable through the HDMI output, on commercially available 3D televisions. ‘concept’ is a term you hardly hear when it comes to mobile phone but you heard it right, this is a concept and my guess is, it will almost certainly come true.

visit Ceatec Official Website.

Windows Live Hotmail now offers ‘One Inbox’

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i have not try this out yet but it certainly sounds like an unified inbox. or close. security issues aside, this is a great idea. we can check multiple email accounts (of different providers) via our email client, but online? Windows Live Hotmail has the answer. you can now check your SingNet, Yahoo! Mail, GMAIL and of course, your Hotmail in one log in. saving you the hassle of logging into separate accounts. i am sure we will asking about security issues, especially when it is Microsoft. how safe is it? will it make life easier for hacker? now that the hacker can access to all your email accounts by just getting into one. hmmm. no? in anyway, i suppose this will be a common practice eventually when cloud-computing becomes a norm. there’s also competition from portable devices such as smartphone and iPad, which already offers unified inbox.

more info @ Windows Live.

how to take screenshots on iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4

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since 3G, iPhone with OS version 2.0 and above has the ability to take screenshots. the capability comes in handy when you need to capture screen of error messages, or getting a screenshot of your game. to take a screenshot, just press the HOME button and the ON/OFF button simultaneously. if done correctly, the screen will flash and you will also hear a camera-click sound, and the screenshot image will be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll. you can then download this via iPhoto or simply send the screenshot via email to yourself. easy.

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how to send multiple images/photos via email on iPhone

How to send multiple photos on iPhone 544px
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iOS 4’s multitasking capability has made sending multiple images or photos via email on iPhone very simple. here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. go to Photos app, select the first image/photo you want to send. tap, hold the image/photo and tap on the ‘Copy‘ option that pops out
Step 2. quit Photos app by clicking HOME button once. go to your Mail app and go ahead to compose a new mail message
Step 3. tap and hold (till the magnifying glass appears) and select ‘Paste‘ from the pop-up option
Step 4. double click your HOME button to bring up the background program, your Photos app should be there. select it.
Step 5. choose the 2nd image/photo you want to send, tap, hold the image/photo and then select Copy.
Step 6. double click your HOME button to bring up the background program, your Mail app should be there. select it.
Step 7. scroll down to the blank space below the first image, tap and hold, select ‘Paste‘ from the pop-up options.

above steps are based on the assumption that you had your email set-up on your iPhone. these steps show the process of sending 2 images/photos, if you need to send more just repeat Step 4 to 7. if your image file size is too big, you will be given 3 options of file size to send. just go with the one that suits your requirement. but do watch out your data limit, just in case. announces 2 new sites related to T-Mobile

G2 forums for T-Mobile G2 users 544px

in light of the upcoming launch of the G2 phone, has launch a site entirely dedicated to T-Mobile G2 and there’s a sister site catering to fans of T-Mobile Android phones, if G2 isn’t your cup of tea at this moment. these should make all T-Mobile fans – especially Android lovers – happy 🙂

visit T-Mobile G2 Forums.
vist T-Mobile Android phones site.