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Wu-Tang Clan to Sell Just One Copy of its Secret Album

these days, if you want to make a splash as a recording artiste, you have to seriously think outside of the box and that whole think outside of the box mantra is exactly what hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan did, well, by producing just a single copy of their secret album and containing it in a specially crafted box of silver and nickel. the exclusivity has a multi-directional take; not only will one copy be recorded and sold, well, at least in a physical media, but the box is also of an equal exquisiteness being the handiwork of British-Moroccan sculptor Yahya, who took over three months to make. of course, the biggest news would be the group’s decision to sell just one copy to a person or entity. though nobody is sure if the buyer, which are sure won’t be lacking, will be able to reproduce and resell the 31-track double LP. Continue reading Wu-Tang Clan to Sell Just One Copy of its Secret Album

The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour

although space travel is about to become a reality, it is still way beyond the reach of regular folks and besides, that space travel which we talked about, such as those offered by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, will only get it to as far as 6.2 miles above the Kármán line, a widely accepted boundary between the atmosphere and space, which is a little short of our imagination that stretches to Mars or even Saturn. granted planet hopping will probably not happen in our lifetime due to the insane traveling time, but we can always imagine ourselves doing so and that is the whole idea behind The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour. Continue reading The Intergalactic Travel Bureau Tour

First Feature Film by Wong Fu Productions

we feel kind of compelled to feature this, because we are huge fans of California-based Wong Fu Productions and we, like the 2 million or so subscribers on YouTube, appreciate their works in short films, sketches, music videos et cetera. so when the trio, Philip, Ted and Wesley, announced that they are making a feature film, it is only natural that we want to see it materialize. the yet to be named feature will involved Wong Fu’s trademark funny moments, emotional drama and well… relatable themes. for those who have been following the trio’s works will know that these guys are dead serious about what they do and that’s to entertain with quality and value. as for the story… we thought it is best to hear from the horse’s mouth, so hit the jump for a summary of the story. Continue reading First Feature Film by Wong Fu Productions

First Issue Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

billed as the ‘The Greatest Album of All Time’ by Rolling Stone, the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album is one album that is absolutely hard to come by, let alone one that was autographed by all four members of the band. such is what the First Issue Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Album has to offer, which Beatlemaniacs with pots of gold lying around can have a shot at scoring it in an online auction organized by RR Auction. as it stands, this rare collectible has garnered 24 bids and at an auction price of a cool $110,002. now, more about this signed album before you decide to drop that six-figure amount on a set of vinyl records. Continue reading First Issue Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

JUNK HEAD 1 – A Stop-Motion Animated Film

animated or not, we considered ourselves as serious sci-fi addicts. if you as big a fan as us for such genre of film, then you shouldn’t miss this epic stop-motion animated film created by one Takahide Hori. and when we said “don’t miss it”, we seriously mean don’t miss it. the JUNK HEAD 1, as the film was called, was set in a distant future, where the human race, struck by some ancient virus, was dwindling in numbers which was made worst by the race’s inability to reproduce. so naturally, humans were genetically enhanced to live longer, and clones were created to help supplement the workforce, which lead to an eventual conflict between the clones and their master. anyway, we thought the storyline, though by no means refreshing, was pretty awesome and the cinematography is certainly pretty spell-binding. Continue reading JUNK HEAD 1 – A Stop-Motion Animated Film

Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo

apart from Ghost in the Shell, Akira is perhaps the most defining manga to ever risen from the land of the rising sun. my childhood fantasy about the future practically grew out from Akira, starting with Kaneda’s badass motorcycle. though i was, in part, disturbed by Katsuhiro Otomo’s depiction of the future, but what do expect? i was just a teeny weeny kid back then and as kids, we were all impressionable little things. anyway, when Akira transits from manga to the big screen, naturally, it went on to become a worldwide phenomenon and that was 25 long years ago. fast forward to today, this classic animation is reaping the rewards of today’s audio and visual technology and reenters into the lives of long time fans and sci-fi nuts in the form of the Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo. Continue reading Akira: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray + DVD Combo

Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition

we welcome the digital revolution and embraced digital music files like everyone who has run out of decent storage place for physical CDs (no, attics and basements are not decent places), but there are times where some music deserves a whole lot more than just bits and bytes, such as the French duo Daft Punk‘s latest offering, Random Access Memories, which will soon be available in a deluxe edition, aptly dubbed the Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition. Continue reading Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition

Dexter: The Complete Series Collection Exclusive Gift Set

with the proliferation of digital downloads, it is hard to imagine why would anyone need to buy another physical media for your entertainment needs (corruption debatable, but anyway that’s beside the point). while this might holds true, we suspect your penchant for digital copies might be swayed if you have an awesome collection comprising of all 8 seasons of Dexter (yes, it has been that long) on Blu-ray, an exclusive Art of Dexter book, plus a killer bonus disc offering over 3 hours of special features including behind-the-scenes cast interviews, featurettes and promos – all packed into one limited edition collectible bust of a white humanoid. so do yourself a favor and save yourself some bandwidth and get the Dexter: The Complete Series Collection Exclusive Gift Set. we are pretty sure this could be the first time you will be proud to be displaying your Blu-ray collection in the open and not stash inside the cabinet (oh, it can fit the cabinet anyway, can it?). lovely stuff. Continue reading Dexter: The Complete Series Collection Exclusive Gift Set

Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Phaser Gift Set

you could probably get a replica of the iconic Starfleet phaser out in the market, but why should you do that when you could own a piece of the Star Trek Into Darkness in Blu-ray 3D to relive the moments and also get to bag a 1:1 scale replica of the Starfleet phaser, complete with a gloss black display stand and a brass plague? and this Starfleet phaser ain’t no cheap replica. it was created by Quantum Mechanix Inc. as a movie accurate replica and features a working manual spinner with locking mechanism to position the barrel for either “stun” or “kill” mode. of course, it won’t do that in real life, but it just makes it fun that fans can actually mess around with the spinner. we would say this would make a perfect addition to any trekkies’ Star Trek altar or shrine. plus, you get a copy of the 132 minutes long movie in all its clarity and immersive that a Blu-ray 3D film has to offer. oh? we mention that already, didn’t we? Continue reading Star Trek Into Darkness Starfleet Phaser Gift Set

THE FLYING MAN – A Superhero Short Film

we don’t usually post shorts or trailers here as we have already directed them to our Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr page instead, but this particular sci-fi superhero short film by Canada-based director Marcus Alqueres is not to be missed. Marcus is a visual effect person and among his portfolio include A-list feature projects such as 300, Source Code, Rise of The Planet of The Apes, and The Adventures of Tintin. anyway, THE FLYING MAN is a short flick as envisioned by Marcus Alqueres that depicts a superhero as a vigilante and the ensuing impact and ethical debate with regards to his acts. can justice be served without judgement? or what he did is no better than the criminals that he has persecuted without judgement? you decide and to do that, you have to catch this very intriguing piece. it is definitely well worth the watch. if you like District 9, Chronicle and Superman, then expect this to be mashed up of the three (cinematography-wise, that is). awesome is what i can only used to describe this short. check it out in the embedded video below. Continue reading THE FLYING MAN – A Superhero Short Film