Men’s Skincare by Love Your Skin

Skincare is no longer a dirty word amongst the male species and, in fact, people are much more likely to look at you funny if you don’t take care of your skin. It can be difficult to find the right products for men’s skin because we invariably haven’t looked after it so well in the past

The Perfect Wallet by Ball and Buck

to call a wallet The Perfect Wallet is nothing short of a bold statement, but by the look of it, The Perfect Wallet by Boston-based brick and mortar store Ball and Buck might just deserve the namesake. handcrafted in the USA from the same leather as used in the Red Wing shoes, this wallet features bold stitching and has four card slots on the outside that could hold

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

if Captain Kirk had heard of the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch, then he probably would be ashamed that he still has to hold a device in his hand to communicate with his crew when the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch does it right off the wrist. of course, the Kreyos Meteor isn’t the first smartwatch in the market to do that, but it is certainly the first waterproof

Diesel Limited Edition Grand Daddy Chronograph Watch

when Diesel named this massive time piece ‘Grand Daddy’, it is for obvious reasons. first off, it has a ridiculously oversized 73mm x 66mm case (it’s “mega-oversized” in Diesel’s own words) and it has not one, but four individual set of chronograph functions. it may sounds like the Italian fashion label has overdone with this

Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony is calling its second-generation smartwatch, the Sony Smartwatch 2, the “most advanced smartwatch available” which sounds pretty bold a claim. kicking off the wealth of features is its IPX57 built, which gives the watch dust- and water resistance capability and those happens to be the two qualities that warrant our attentions. cos’ smartwatches with such protection is still

88 Rue Du Rhone Gents Black Leather Strap Watch

88 Rue Du Rhone is the new kid on the block in terms of luxury watch brands. The Bernheim brothers, who happen to be the grandsons of Raymond Weil, created the luxury yet affordable brand back in 2012. This year they took their collections of watches to Baselworld for the very first time. They are only set to become bigger and better

Roger Dubuis Much More Limited Edition Watch

For those in the market for the rarest of the rare timepieces, you’ll definitely be sniffing up the right tree with this spectacular Roger Dubuis Much More watch, of which there were only ever 28 made. Despite the relative newcomer status of Roger Dubuis timepieces (they were only founded as recently as 1995), the brand

Kisai Breathalyzer Watch

for starter, you shouldn’t even be driving if you have the intention to consume alcohol. however, if you are ever caught in an unexpected happy situation, then be sure your have the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch (officially, Kisai Intoxicated LCD Watch) slapped on your wrist. not only does this LCD-based watch tells time and date

RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter

we doubt the RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter would be part of an astronaut’s gear, but that’s not say that it is no good. in fact, it is another exquisite beauty that one can expect from RJ-Romain Jerome. limited to just 25 pieces, each costing a whopping €99,000 or $115,000 in American dollars, the Moon Orbiter pays homage to mankind’s never-ending space conquest.

The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star

take one of the world’s most loved TV family (and the longest scripted show in TV history to boot) and put them together with the one of the world’s most recognizable footwear such as Converse, and you will witness the coolest sneakers on earth and that for the record, my friend, is none other than The Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star.