Sales of Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Red Gold Watch Will Help Destroy Assault Weapons In Africa

haute horlogerie timepiece involvement with charity isn’t new, but one that promised to channel revenues from the sale to fund the destruction of 1,000 assault weapons in Africa is something unheard of and such is what Peter Thum, founder of Fonderie 47, promised to do with the limited edition Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Red Gold […]

The Art of Pin-up: Over 500 Pages Worth of Stuff You Want To Know About The Top 10 Pin-up Artists

if you appreciate art prints of the 20s to the 70s, then we suppose you will dig pin-ups. pin-ups, which were a rage over those decades, were drawings, paintings and pastels of an idealized female face and figure intended for public display and were often seen on calendars, magazine covers and at one point, even […]

This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

remember the Steampunk LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Markus1984 we featured a couple of weeks ago? well, sadly. it didn’t take the trophy at the competition, but the good news is, Markus1984’s entry for the final round at the FBTB MOC Madness, a Steampunk Millennium Falcon, took the first place. congratulations Markus1984. you have impressed […]

NoPhone Is What It Says It Is: It Is Not A Phone, But Why?

we may be highly sociable online, but we can’t say the same when offline. why? whenever i take the train, i noted at least five out of ten person are glued to the phone as if there is some invisible string that ties the phone to their eyes. nobody looked up, at least not until […]

A Galore Of Props And Costumes From Pacific Rim Hits The Auction Block, Lovable Mite Included

the opinion on 2013 blockbuster Pacific Rim was divided, but i guess its domestic takings to date pretty much speaks for the movie: it was not as fantastic as many had anticipated it to be. sure, the effects were fancy, but the storyline just kept everything stifle up. overwhelming number of flashbacks and one too […]

Car Service Station Playset Lets Your Kids Experience The Process Of Servicing A Real Car

rather than let your kids grow up with violence-intended action figures, why not let them learning, or at least experience, something more wholesome like servicing a car, for example? well, if you are all up for it, then the Theo Klein Car Service Station is exactly the toy to get for your kids. featuring a […]

The “Clamp” Puts A Pipe Clamp On Your Finger. Is Industrial’s Take Of A Ring At Its Very Best

if you are a nonconformist and one who loathe mainstream pop culture, then wearing a platinum ring is probably out of question. heck, even a skull ring would probably look way too mainstream to you cos, you know, it is after all, a mainstream symbol of rebellion. in such case, perhaps The “Clamp” Ring by […]

Seasons Playing Cards’ Changing Series Blurs The Line Between Art And Playing Cards

there are cards players and then there are the cards players who are as passionate about playing as collecting them. if you belongs to the latter, then you might be interested in Seasons Playing Cards latest collection: Verana and Inverno. the Verana and Inverno are the last two decks that will complete the Seasons series, […]

Vincero Mechanical Wrist Watch Features Real Italian Marble As Used By Renaissance Artist Michelangelo

if they had wrist watches during the Roman Empire, i bet they will look like the Vincero Mechanical Wrist Watch, but of course, they didn’t had the luxury of timepieces, much less a clock. however, if you are all up for small batch, hand-crafted, mechanical watches, then you are way luckier than the Roman forebears, […]

Batman Won’t Leave His Marks Everywhere, But You Can With This Batman Branding Iron

apart from a few superheroes, such as Hulk and Iron Man, most would prefer not leave marks of their presence behind (Hulk has no choice, he will leave a trail of destruction anyway and Stark is a show off). however, as a fan, you have full liberty to do so and the Batman Branding Iron […]