G-RO: Carry-on Luggage Goes All-Terrain With Enormous Wheels

It was a moment of revelation. Our concept of carry-on luggage is wrong the whole time. Why? A luggage needs to be towed and the wheels of today’s luggage is only good if it rolls on perfectly flat ground. But then again, you can’t blame luggage makers cos’ small wheels take up less space, meaning […]

Star Trek Ships Calendar: A Fitting Merchandize To Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Years In 2016

We’d think Trekkies have come to love Star Trek for its sci-fi element, more than the drama and if so, apart from the intriguing and some pretty outrageous but no less delightful tech (which some may have somewhat came true, if we may add), the spaceships are probably the next most drool worthy thing about […]

Molten Lava Diabolical Guitar Has Glowing Lava That Look So Hot And Cool At The Same Time

Don’t be alarmed. The Molten Diabolic Guitar by Hutchinson Guitar Concepts you see here is not actually forged from real molten lava, so as hot as it looks, you will only look uber cool shredding it. Hell, you will look cool even without the need to do anything. However, if the town of Tristram beneath […]

Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit Operator To Deck Out Train Cabins In Star Wars Graphics

If you don’t already know, Singapore is actually pretty huge on Star Wars-fever, well, at least, on the marketing and promotion end of things, they are. Nope. Singapore 9-to-5 office folks don’t go to work in Stormtrooper outfit with awkwardly worn ties and their bosses certainly don’t dress like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader at […]

Star Wars Fever Has Reached Epic Cool With Ample Hills Star Wars Ice Cream

This is one Star Wars fever that we can only describe as cool as an ice cream, cos’ it is, in fact, ice cream after all. Yep. Star Wars fever has travelled far and wide, and ice cream lovers are not spared the barrage of Star Wars-themed merchandize, or in this case, sweet edible merchandize. […]

Vintage Racer-inspired Chronograph Watch That You Can Own Without Trading In Your Organs

Automotive-inspired timepieces, some endorsed by racing outfits, aren’t cheap, but such wrist watches do make a huge statement about your love for automobiles and the adrenalin rush that comes standard with motorsport. The option is clear: forego an arm or a leg, or maybe even both (figuratively speaking, that is), to own one, or you […]

Have You Check Out Our Christmas Gift Guide For 2015?

Time flies and before we know it, the holiday season is upon us again. This year, we put our heart and soul into creating the ultimate Christmas Gift Guide – the boldest in terms of list and layout – so that you need not stress over what to buy for your love ones if you […]

This Website Lets Artists Battle For Their Design To Be Printed and Sold

Whether you are an aspiring artist or a lover of awesome graphic tees, you are going to dig Vote2Wear. Vote2Wear, as the name implies, is a website where artists pit their design against one another to vie for the vote of consumers. Both artists and consumers stand to benefit from Vote2Wear with the winning artist […]

Romain Jerome’s Super Mario Bros Watch Will Run You Back At $18,950

Gaming and luxury hardly ever mix and so, if anyone tries to create game-themed stuff like, say a timepiece, it will probably view as Dora the Explorer’s cohort, i.e. kiddish and cheap. Though the latter may not necessary be true – just ask any parents, but that’s not the point. The point is, gaming and […]

Would You Bear To Take A Slice Of This Highly Realistic AT-AT Cake?

Talked about taking the cake, this AT-AT Cake created by East Manchester-based one-man-operation (or should we say, one-woman-operation) cake outfit, New Adventure In Cake should really take the cake when it comes to edible Star Wars stuff. Yup. This AT-AT is a cake and apparently (and much to our dismay) it has been sliced and […]