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Pickmaster stamp out guitar pick out of credit cards

Pickmaster Plectrum Punch 544x408px
(credit: Firebox) Pickmaster Plectrum Punch | £19.99 |

guitar player will know how easily it is to misplace the tiny picks. therefore, it will so damn cool to be able to make your own picks instantly. agree? if you think so too, then Pickmaster Plectrum Punch is the gadget of choice for you. using the same working principle of a hole puncher, this stapler-like gadget will punch a perfect guitar pick out of bank cards, gift cards or any plastic sheet. as long they are hard enough to be a guitar pick. pretty cool. a perfect way to get your own unique guitar pick that befits a rock star… well, perhaps, sometime in the future. so chuck your expensive ivory or amber pick safely away and start using picks recycle from your expired VISA card.
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Pickmaster Plectrum Punch cost £19.99 (US$32) a pop and is available via Firebox. not cheap but price is not a consideration when you are in dire need for style. just saying…

why push a table on castors when it can walk?

Wouter Scheublin Walking Table 544x338px
(credit: Wouter Scheublin) Walking Table | US$tbc |

it looks like designer Wouter Scheublin takes “avoid reinventing the wheel” too literally by inventing a table that walks when pushed. go home castor wheels! who needs you when i have eight legs to travel as my owner wishes? what looks like a normal table with eight legs come to life and mimics the natural walking motion when being pushed. don’t get what i mean? check out the video after the break to see for yourself. warning: kind of artistic video which some may fall asleep watching.
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also take a closer look at the mechanical joints of this awesome work of art in the images above. not sure about you folks out there but i know i’m totally impressed. want one? you are in luck as the Walking Table is available in a walnut edition of just eight pieces and it is on sale via Priveekollektie. however, i have searched high and low at Priveekollektie but i couldn’t find the Walking Table listed there. perhaps, it walked away for a moment?

Wouter Scheublin via Oh Gizmo!

check out this stunning DIY LED lighted chess set

LED Chess Set 544x408px
(credit: Tetranitrate)

ever try playing a game of chess in the dark (for whatever reasons)? now here’s chess set that let you do just that. instructables’ member Tetranitrate got a little bored with his glass chess set that picked up from a local arcade and toyed with the idea of illuminating the glass pieces. after much deliberation and planning, this is what he came up with: a LED Chess Set. these chess pieces stay lighted as long as they are on the board, thanks to its custom conductive chessboard and positive contacts on each chess piece. the board is powered by a wall outlet. i guess this project could act as your decorative light in your lovely home too or you could make it as a night light and leave it on for the night. Continue reading check out this stunning DIY LED lighted chess set

Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack charges your phone

Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 544x340px
(credit: Ralph Lauren) Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack | US$795.00 |

seriously, Ralph Lauren is the last brand that you would expect to have a backpack with large solar panel slapped on it. i never thought they would do that but the truth is, they did. what you see here is the Ralph Lauren RLX Solar Panel Backpack with an unmissable large solar panel integrated to the backpack. the solar panel is said to be able to generate 3.45 watts of current that enables you to charge a phone in two to three hours. the backpack features a water-resistant construction, comfortable thick, adjustable shoulder straps and a handle on one side allowing it to be user as a bag. the top flap comes with an adjustable buckle closure and zip pockets on one side. not surprisingly, the RLX carries a pretty heft price tag of $795 (for a backpack) and is available on Ralph Lauren web store.
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Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px Ralph Lauren RLX Backpack 500x500px

via Uncrate

1968 ‘UFO house’ turned into a holiday accommodation

PodUpNorth 544x408px
(credit: Pod Up North)

designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen back in 1968, this UFO-looking house was once up for grab but has since turned into a holiday accommodation that will make any alien-enthusiasts smile. you got to admit that the design of the house looks very 60s-futuristic and i can’t help but to think of Lost in Space. i know, the Robinsons don’t have such an alien aircraft, but you get the idea. like a true blue UFO as we earthlings have imagined them, it features a retractable stairway that pops out at a touch of a button and this happens to be the only entry and exit point. what? no ray to beam you down? we don’t have it now, so it is certain that they don’t have it back in the 60s either.
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on the more conventional end, this three level house includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. there’s also a couple of row boats to boot, just in case you want to spend your time out on the water instead of your alien abode. check out some beautiful images surrounding this UFO-like house after break. in anyway, you can have a chance to reside in this UFO-like architecture for just $425 a week via according to, they believe that there are about 16 or 17 of such pod in the USA and they also believe theirs is the only one that is up for rent as a vacation home.

Sand Beach area 267x200px Poggemann Pod 267x200px Lake 267x200px Fire Pit area 267x200px via Born Rich

a band for your note book that will keep your pens together

Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 544x368px
(credit: Cleverhands) Journal Bandolier | US$16.95 |

even at this digital age, most of us still rely on the trusty pen and paper combo to jot down meeting notes. or perhaps, it is just me. i, for one, find it hard to jot down important notes digitally even though i have access to digital devices. there is just something about traditional means of writing that draws us to it. that said, i still carry a note book and pen around. yeah, usually, just a single pen. that’s where the problem arise. i tend to lose the pen and also, if you have one huge bag without any compartments (and a whole lot of junks in it), chances are, you won’t find your pen either.

Journal Bandolier by Cleverhands aims to solve the pen and note book separation issue by binding them together. Journal Bandolier is not a note book but it is a handmade band made out of reclaimed rubber that has loops to hold not just one pen, but seven of them. losing pen is one of our favorite pastime, so it’s great that we can bring another six along. it’s an awesome product, plus it is totally affordable. the Journal Bandolier cost $16.95 a pop and are available via Etsy.

images horizontal 544x38px

Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px Cleverhands Journal Bandolier 900x600px

Etsy via Cool Material

Sports version Cap-Trap is for lover of beer and sports

Cap-Trap Sports 544x288px
(credit: Innovative Openers) Cap-Trap Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener | US$tbc |

if have been following this blog, you probably would have read about the Beer Cap Catcher. apparently, there is already a product that perform the same task since last year. dubbed the Cap-Trap, it shares the same working concept as the Beer Cap Catcher, which is to catch the bottle’s cap when opening them. Cap-Trap has a modular design which enables the top to be interchanged. first to be released into the market are these sports top Cap-Traps. rather than just a plain top, this sports series has top cap in the form of your favorite sports such as a football shaped top, football helmet shaped top, baseball shaped top, basketball shaped top and golf ball shaped top.

we all know the close relation between sports and beer party. sports fanatics often gathers together to catch major games and with that, beers and BBQ meats make the round. so, wouldn’t it be cool to have a Cap-Trap top that matches the sporting event? i thought that was a pretty neat idea. so when the baseball season is in, just twist on a baseball shape top and let the mood fly. NBA season? no worries, just twist on the basketball shape top and you are good to go.

no words on the pricing for the sports version Cap-Trap though. according to Innovative Openers, they should be available pretty soon.

images horizontal 544x38px

Cap-Trap Sports 900x500px Cap-Trap 900x500px Cap-Trap - how to use 900x500px Cap-Trap 900x500px

would you walk your dog with a gun pointed on its head?

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x360px
Povodokus – Pistol Shaped Dog Leash | US$tba(concept) |

there are two types of pet lover: the straight-face, no nonsense animal lovers and then there are those who are humorous and easy-going type. if you belong to the former type, you can stop reading here. nah! i’m just messing with you. huh? not funny? that’s a shame. anyway, for those with sense of humor, would you walk your dog with a gun pointing at its head? of course you wouldn’t. but for novelty sake, you probably can do just that with the Povodokus, a pistol shaped retractable dog leash designed by Art Lebedev Studio. plus, the red leash makes it looks like a red laser pointing at your beloved dog’s neck. nasty. guarantee to cause a panic in your neighborhood in an instant.

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x488px

Provodokus - Gun-shaped Dog Leash 544x908px

Art Lebedev Studio via Yanko Design

home pet scale is a scaled down veterinary weighing scale

The Pet Scale 544x544px
The Pet Scale | US169.95 |

if you love your pet dearly, you would probably be monitoring its weight obsessively. our common bathroom scale should do the job pretty well but some of our four legged friends are way to big for our bathroom scale to handle. unless, of course, your pet is a chihuahua. any bigger animal like a terrier would requires a rather trying effort to weight on a scale with an average surface area of just 140 square inch. here’s a dedicated scale, dubbed The Pet Scale, that should do the job perfectly.

if the above image does look familiar to you, you are right. the scale is modeled after the ones that you would see in most veterinarian’s offices. this scale is capable of taking up to 130 lbs of weight and displaying the readout in a tethered LCD that can be mounted to the wall. the scale also features a hold buttons to lock in the reading until it is pressed again. the scale measures 2 1/2 (H) x 16 1/2 (D) x 21 (L) inches which gives a generous 347 square inch of real estate suitable for small to medium size pets.

at $169.95, The Pet Scale doesn’t comes cheap but your love for your pet shouldn’t be measured by dollars. isn’t it? The Pet Scale can be powered by either the included AC adapter or four AA batteries (not included).

via Red Ferret

Apple fans, meet the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset

PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset 544x388px
(credit: via thinkgeek) PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset | US$179.99 |

so you are an Apple fan? so i hear you have every new shiny gadgets from the fruit-logo company? perhaps not, until you own the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset. well, PLAYMOBIL playsets may be made for kids but this miniature representation of the store that sells you those irresistible shiny gadgets, is a whole different story. not until you realize that it is an Apple Store structured with a customer service area, a kids area, a sales floor complete with MacBooks, iPads and iMacs and there’s even Keynote theater on the top level with Jobs on the stage. Continue reading Apple fans, meet the PLAYMOBIL Apple Store Playset