Life-size LEGO McLaren Senna Has 400K Bricks, Is Heavier Than The Real Car

Well, McLaren and LEGO have done it again. The British sports car maker and the world famous Danish toy maker have come together again, this time to create a life-size replica of the limited McLaren Senna Road Legal Track Car. A total of 4,935 hours were invested to create this highly detailed model using LEGO […]

Drinking Straw Sculpture Is A Show Of Earth’s Plastic Waste Problem

Our reliance on plastic has caused much distressed to the Earth, particularly the ocean. Well, what can we say? This alarming environment issue is not just about plastics; it is also about how we shitty humans just love dropping trash where they do not belongs. But we are not here about the issue of littering. […]

Professor Turned Observatory Into A Giant R2-D2 And It Is Brilliant!

Remember the one time someone turned a Cold War era nuclear shelter vent into a giant R2-D2? Well, it happened again, but this time, the upsized iconic astromech from everyone’s (or most people’s) favorite sci-fi franchise was found in Germany and it was most certainly legal, unlike the aforementioned. What you see before you is […]

Škoda Asked Photographer To Shoot Car Ads Using Toy Cars

According to PetaPixel, a Hungarian photographer Benedek Lampert was approached by Czech Republic automaker, Volkswagen Group-owned Škoda to do some car photoshoot with an unusual request to use 1:43 scale model cars for the shoot in place of real cars. Well, that’s kind of odd for a car maker to make such a request, isn’t […]

Replica Of Iconic Volkswagen T2 Made Of 400,000 LEGO Bricks Revealed

No. You are not looking at pixelated image of the Volkswagen T2 Camper Van. What you see here is a life-size replica of camper van version of VW’s iconic T2 model. It definitely looks like, over the last couple of years, automakers are totally obsessed with recreating life-size versions of their vehicles. McLaren has done […]

Surrealist Salvador Dali Brought Life By AI To Talk About His Life

It has been 30 years since Salvador Dali pass on, but thanks to technology, the prolific Spanish surrealist is coming back to life. But thankfully, not in an eery way. So, you can put your whatever holy objects away. TBH, I am not familiar with Dali and his works, but what caught our attention was […]

Chevrolet Has Another Life-size LEGO Build, This Time its A Silverado

Life-size replica of cars in LEGO is becoming old. On our end alone, we have already come across quite a handful, including Nathan Sawaya’s Batmobile, a 2-ton Toyota Camry, and a LEGO Technic-based Bugatti Chiron. Though the latter did stood out as a life-size replica that is actually drivable, albeit very slowly, and not a […]

Mind Blown: Image Of An Octopus Cut From A Single Piece Of Paper!

At some point in time in our lives, we all had experienced cutting out bits from a piece of paper to create an image of some sort. Let me assure you that this octopus you see here is not that. This is the next level of paper cutting art. Neither is it a drawing. And […]

Here’s A Wacky Christmas Tree Inspired By Banksy Shredded Painting

After anonymous artist Banksy shocked the art world when his Girl With Red Balloon painting promptly ‘self-destructs’ after being successfully sold in an auction, it inspired a series of memes, along with businesses riding on this act for advertising. It was a shocking act of defiance which I thought will be quickly forgotten. Well, as […]

Colors Of These Amazing Wall Murals Will Only Be Revealed When Inverted

Graffiti or wall murals are writing or artwork painted on walls, often with aerosol paint, and they are pretty much what you see. At least, that’s the norm, but this norm, does not apply to Colombian graffiti artist Sepc’s latest wall mural painting technique. Right off the bat, our naked eyes see these murals, called […]