i don’t how is it that three barrels is going help, but i guess an additional one shot is better then nothing when you are face with an imminent danger, or for those who are into the a game of hunting, at least you know you will need to load half a less time than a traditional double barrel item. such is what the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun has to offer. this 12-gauge triple barrel shotgun from Turkish gunsmith Chiappa features choke tubes on all three barrels and has a 3×3″ Magnum capacity. two models are available: the Triple Crown and the Triple Threat. the former is perfect for hunting games, while the latter, as the name implies, is more for self defense intend. differentiating between the two models are the length of the barrels and the stock. the Triple Crown comes equipped with longer 28″ barrels and has a fixed stock, while the Triple Threat has shorter 18.5″ barrels and a stock that can be partly disassembled.

both guns feature a single safety and does not have a barrel selector; the firing sequence for these firearms start from the lower right barrel in a clockwise fashion. gun ownership here is totally non-legal here, but for gun lovers residing in the U.S. then you can ram your fists in the air and rejoice, as these awesome shotguns can be yours to own for $1,629 a piece. check out a hands-on video by Outdoor Life and witness for yourself the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun in action (man, that guy is one lucky dude!). while you are there. scroll down further for a couple ‘sneak’ videos put up by Chiappa sometime late last year to see and hear the unedited power of the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotguns.

Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

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