coming soon: CASIO Baby-G with colorful LED backlight

CASIO Baby-G 544x388px
(credit: CASIO) CASIO Baby-G | ¥14,175.00 |

yesterday, CASIO Japan announced a refreshed line of their Baby-G range wristwatches. the new Baby-G BGA-130 and BGA-131 series are being spruced up with a combination of fluorescent body, lighted hands and phosphor coatings. the hands will light up in different color depending on the when you check the time. the numbers are coat in special phosphors that will emit light based on the surrounding lighting conditions. this LED powered light will of course, shows during the night or in low-light conditions. other than the lighting effects, the new Baby-G also sports a new clock face with “three-dimensional” characters in different sizes that are arranged rhythmically. the Baby-G is set to go on sale this June at ¥14,175 (about US$170) a pop. no word on when this will be available elsewhere in the world.
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CASIO Baby-G 544x518px

CASIO via Akihabara News

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    1. i think it is only available in Japan. where you are you from? if it is not available in your country of residence. you might want to seek help from or similar forwarders.

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