Think accessories, gadgets, fashion comes to mind. But lighters? Probably not. I know I won’t (associate lighter with accessories), but LighterBro is just exactly that. LighterBro is a sleeve/case contraption designed for Bic lighters that adds multi-tool function to it.

LighterBro Multi-tool For Bic Lighter

A standard Bic lighter conveniently slips into LighterBro which add tools like a knife, a flat screwdriver, a spring loaded scissors and a bottle opener to it. If you are ask me, it makes for a handy, everyday survival tool.

I mean, up till now, a multi-tool designed for emergencies has flint and steel to start fire in ancient way. But with the LighterBro and Bic lighter combo, you get a handy multi-tool with accessible fire.

LighterBro Multi-tool For Bic Lighter

Multi-tool add-on for lighter – specifically Bic lighters – are not new, but the last one that we have seen so far are geared towards pipe smokers. We didn’t think anyone would bother to create a multi-tool for it, but here it is anyways.

So, yeah, the LighterBro Multi-tool For Bic Lighter definitely tickles our fancy. Except that we actually use Bic lighters.

LighterBro Multi-tool For Bic Lighter

If you do, you may pick up this awesome lighter accessory from LighterBro’s website or on Amazon. Prices vary depending on the model you choose. Generally, it starts at US$14.95.

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Images: LighterBro.

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