Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love that dates back thousands of years. In modern time, it is still perceived as such but more like the perfect sale pitch for merchants. Fortunately, I wasn’t dupe into, or maybe I did, but I, to the agreement of my wife, didn’t let advertisers get away with thousands of my hard-earned money. So all is good for us. However, for those who value their relationship based on how big the diamond is, well, let us give you some head up: precious stones are so yesterday; Bitcoin ring is the jewelry that will actually how much your are worth, well, that’s if you and your significant other are all for cryptocurrency. The real kicker is, value is not in the physical ring, so if you lost it, your money will still be save. All you have to do is print another or engage some to do so, and you are on track in flaunting your digital asset.

Since the actual value of the ring is in the code instead of the physical thing, it affords you the freedom to change the design of the ring as you see fit or keeping up with the latest style. Plus, anyone with the corresponding app can scan the QR code on the ring (if you allow them to do so) to know the value of its Blockchain, which basically means, knowing the real value of the ring in the form of the digital currency. I guess you could call it your digital net worth. Is it not? The ring’s worth can be adjusted based on current life circumstances like (hopefully) an increase in your wealth. Moreover, the BTC Ring also allows for key splitting so that both parties can have a say on what to do with the stored Bitcoin value in the future.

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So how do you get one? Simple. Just download an OpenSDCAD file, open it and input your Bitcoin address. Once compiled and rendered, the file is ready to hit the 3D printer. But that would be in plastic. For metal example like the one you see here, you will need to touch base with Shapeways 3D printing service to get it done. You can find a self-explanatory video as to why BTC ring is the way to go down below, but be warned, it is rather cheesy.

The BTC Ring via Mashable

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