cool stuff: retractable lens cap for Olympus XZ-1

The Retractable Lens Cap 544x248px
(credit: UN Ltd) Retractable Lens Cap | ¥5,800.00 |

unlike most compact digital shooter, the Olympus XZ-1 has a manual lens cap which is usually left dangling on the camera’s lanyard or if untethered, it will tend to get lost somewhere, sometime. here’s a nifty solution to a seemingly minute problem – the retractable lens cap. it fits over the lens and will part open as the lens make its way out for a shoot.
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the retractable lens cap for Olympus XZ-1 cost ¥5,800 (about US$72) excluding shipping and comes packaged with an aluminum mounting ring, screws and an Allen key wrench to get you started with a simple installation. want one? either you pay for ¥1,550 (about US$19) for shipping or go grab yourself one from Japan.

UN Ltd via CrunchGear

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