You know the stash of coupons you may have in your kitchen’s drawers? Well, they all have an expiration date, don’t they? There are several reasons for an expiration date. One of those reasons could be for the sake of a ‘cleaner’ accounting. I mean you can imagine if someone popped into a store with a no expiration date coupon say, like, 17 years later and make a claim for it. That would definitely result in a wee bit of inconvenience for the books. Well, actually, about that… apparently that was exactly what Redditor u/RocketRoulette came across recently.

Redditor u/RocketRoulette posted an image of the ancient coupon (it is ancient as far as coupon is concerned, btw) that a customer produced at the store he (or was she?) work, entitling the holder a dollar off Bayer 81 mg Safety Coated Aspirin Tablets. Not sure if the customer did successfully make the claim, but there it was on the coupon, in black and white (or in this case ‘green and white’) saying it has ‘no expiration’. The post kind of went viral on Reddit which invited another case to come forward and this time, it was a Shell’s voucher.

But in that case, the 15-year-old, no expiration coupon valued at $35 was rejected because, it is only “valid at participating stores only.” Well, you gotta admit, that’s one fine print that as good as having an expiration date. 15 years on, you think anyone would admit that are the participating store? I didn’t think so. Besides, Shell probably had an agreement on a promotion period with the stores and that had probably lapsed long before and so, whether or not if there is an expiration or not, does not even matter anymore. So, what do you think? Do you think a company, if still operating, should honor an no expiration coupon? Let us known in the comment below.

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Image: u/RocketRoulette.

Source: Reddit.

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