I am no lady, but it is not hard for any man to imagine the pain of hitting the loo when dressed in that fancy, flurry wedding gown. There are several ways a lady of the day can deal with it. The simplest (and most excruciating) is to hold it (which is not good for the bladder, btw), or you could ask your bridesmaids to help you out by holding up the dress and putting up with the awkwardness the whole time, or you could get yourself this: Bridal Buddy.

Bridal Buddy Wedding Gown Undergarment Slip

Bridal Buddy is a wedding gown undergarment slip that is, well, essentially a wearable bag of sort. This patent-pending accessory is designed to be worn on the waist, under the gown and in the time of need, it lets you lift up the entire gown so you could use the toilet like any normal person do. It not only makes the process less dreadful, but it also keeps your impossibly white gown’s hemline away from the dirty, bacteria-loaded bathroom floor.

Bridal Buddy Wedding Gown Undergarment Slip

It also works to keep the hemline in pristine white if you ever need to traverse over wet or muddy ground. Though I am not sure why such scenario will even happen. Don’t you guys have wet weather plan? Anyways, now you know. For $34.95, the biggest day of your life would be saved. If you ask me, I’d say it is worth every penny. Keep going to see how it works.

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Images: Bridal Buddy.

Source: This Is Way I Am Broke.

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