so you have your spanking new luggage checked in and you couldn’t help but to imagine the worst that the baggage handlers would do to it? our advice: get a suitcase that has already been ‘crash’ and stop all that worry right there, right then and enjoy your flight. in a twist of a design, the luggages in the Crash Baggage collection sport dents (and quite a lot of them, we must say) as part of their design and hence, getting those nasty indents are no longer your worry and besides, it will make quite a style statement. don’t you think so? and that’s not to mention it will make your suitcase instantly recognizable when it parades out onto the carousel. available this March 20th in four flavors: a set of three pieces (cabin, medium and large) with four spinner wheels for added stability and ease of movements and a upright, two-wheel cabin variety. all models come standard with retractable handle (obviously) and are TSA-approved, meaning besides not having to worrying about dents, you also don’t have to feel distress over your suitcase being indiscriminately ply open in the name of security. choice from six colors: mustard yellow, sugar blue, super black, passion red, military green (our favorite), and ghost grey. surprisingly, they won’t cost you an arm or a leg: owning them will only cost you between $135-$235 each, depending on which size you go for.

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Crash Baggage

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