American fashion house Coach, best known for its handbag collection, has partnered with China’s candy maker White Rabbit to release a special White Rabbit Creamy Candy collection to usher in the new year of the Rabbit.

Coach x White Rabbit Creamy Candy Collection

For the uninitiated, starting on January 22, 2023, it is the year of the Rabbit which is the fourth zodiac animal of the twelve. Also for those who don’t know, White Rabbit Creamy Candy is an iconic candy born out of the pre-revolution era.

It started as a private business before becoming part of the government-controlled business when the communist party took power. The brand itself is recognized as one of the most iconic brands in China and a national symbol of sorts.

It was the nation’s pride and joy and was gifted to Richard Nixon when he visited China in 1972. It was gifted to other foreign dignitaries as well.

Now that you know it is a sweet treat, it does make this collaboration feel rather whimsical, doesn’t it?

Anywho, the Coach x White Rabbit Creamy Candy Collection includes bags, jewelry, and garments for both men and women. There is also a collection for kids too. Oh, there is a pair of high-cut sneakers too.

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From what we understand, it is exclusive to China market.

Most of the collection would have the original White Rabbit graphic, along with the original branding, which is super nostalgic for many grown-up folks in China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Coach x White Rabbit Creamy Candy Collection

The Coach x White Rabbit Creamy Candy Collection is available in China now. Prices start at 1,250 RMB (about US$179) for White Rabbit accessories. Meanwhile, bags and fashion pieces start at 1,600 RMB and 1,500 RMB (around US$229 and US$215), respectively.

If you read Chinese, you browse the collection HERE.

This is not the first time the iconic candy brand has collaborated with a fashion label. Back in 2016, it teamed up with agnès b. for limited edition collectible goods.

Images: Coach [CH].

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