It has been awhile since we have come across a pair of smart glasses that is not quite smart, smart, but smart. I know, it is confusing, but let us explains: it uses smart materials and it is smart looking to boot. The Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses is not the smart glasses like the Vuzix, but it has the looks and features that make it smart, including the optics.

Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses

The feature list is ridiculously long for an everyday wear and it includes Skylon Frame, Flexible Frame, Italian Acetate, comfortable nose pad, handmade by artisan, hypoallergenic materials, nanotechnology lenses, resistant Titanium hinges, prescription-ready, UV and Blue Light protection, smudge resistant, anti-glare, anti-fog, anti-scratch, dust replant, fade lenses (AKA transition lenses), perfect frame fit (because, facial scan), and more.

Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses

Two models are being offered over at Lance Glasses’ second Kickstarter campaign: Lance Classic and Lance Premium. The former is a classic plastic glasses design that does without nose pad and features subtle curvature and a balanced acetate exterior, and the former is of a single, thin, titanium alloy exoskeleton that boasts Lance smart metal bridge, a memory shape alloy that allows it to return to its original form after being bent.

Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses

These glasses may not shoot lasers, or project 4K images in the air, but they are sure futuristic in glasses’ terms. With Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses, glasses are truly an extension of you and not just another eyewear you needed for clear vision. Needless to say, we are impressed by Lance Glasses’ latest proposition and so, here we are talking about it like an excited small kid.

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If you are impressed too, then you may want to consider joining some 3,000 backers who together have doled up nearly $430K in funding for a pair over at Lance 2.0 Luxury Smart Glasses’ Kickstarter campaign page. Prices start from as low as €79 (about US$91).

All images courtesy of Lance Glasses.

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