Imagine having a bottle of cold booze, but no bottle opener. The clock is ticking as you frantically search for something to pry open the rapidly cooling-to-ambient-temperature-beverage. While most men may choose to live with such anxiety (and ambient temperature booze), one Bostonian by the name of Flavio Pellegrino is not about to let the situation gets the better of him. He chanced upon an old, broken zipper slide, which he made a quick modification to pop open the cold one. After he savored the cold, crisp drink, he got down to business and came up with the idea of The Fly Pry, a bottle opening multi-tool that’s the size of a zipper pull.

The Fly Pry Titanium Multi-tool

Why such a pint size tool, you asked? Well, so that it can be used as a zipper pull, or hook on your backpack, keychain, briefcase and whatnot, just to be sure the next time you won’t be left out in the cold when it comes to popping open bottles. Despite its minute 1.25” size, the Fly Pry can do more than cracking opening bottles. This tiny titanium multi-tool also sport a hand-ground chisel end with a centralized notch for prying, cutting and even serve as an emergency can opener. Yup. It is that strong. Depending on the model, it may also have a hex hole that accepts standard hex bits for screwing jobs. And the best part is, of course, its size, which allows it to be with you all the time, so it can always be there, when the situation calls for it.

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Want one? You can pick one up as a pre-order over at Kickstarter for November 2015 delivery for $25 – $30, depending how soon you act on it.

The Fly Pry Titanium Multi-tool

The Fly Pry Titanium Multi-tool

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