POC Receptor BUG Communication

POC Receptor BUG Communication White
POC Receptor BUG Communication | 2,200 SEK | www.pocsports.com

honestly speaking, we are not totally agreeable in blasting tunes into your sound hole while hitting the half pipe or anything of sort but for whatever reason you felt to do so, we thought it is logical to do as safely as possible such as wearing one of these POC Receptor BUG Communication helmet. so what so special about this head protector? apart from some of the features of the usual Receptor such as ventilated double-shell system, EPS liner, the BUG Communication is equipped with a neck roll with integrated headphones with remote and microphone from Beats by Dr. Dre. it comes with complete with a smartphone compatible cable that should work with most smartphones for taking calls and skip through tracks and of course, volume control without ever have to fumble with the physical phone or media player again. so what can we say? if music and your kick propulsion wheels is a must, then this couldn’t be anymore perfect. though we not recommend cranking up the volume for safety reasons. anyway, the POC Receptor BUG Communication comes in two safe colorways: black or white and comes with a 2,200 SEK price tag which is about US$330, based on the current going rate or at least, that’s what Google tells us.

POC Receptor BUG Communication Black

POC via Gear Patrol

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