Dear Ingo: Ron Gilad’s contemporary take of a chandelier

Moooi Dear Ingo Lamp 544x488px
Moooi Dear Ingo | US$3,695.00 |

chandelier has an age long history dating as far back as the Medieval period but of course, back then it was candles instead of light bulbs. to be honest, i’m not a huge fan of those glittery shiny lightings of today, however, this particular lighting caught my eyes instantly. overall, the form does reminiscent of the creepy crawly that we know but knowing that it is a lighting, i thought it’s more like a contemporary chandelier with the added bonus of articulations. designed by Ron Gilad, the Dear Ingo features 16 articulated desk lamps connected to a central ring core and comes in either black or white power coat finish. according to the information sheet which put the description as “Ron Gilads hybrid objects combine material with aesthetic play; they sit on the fat delicious line between the abstract and the functional.” honestly, i have no idea what it means but heck, all i know is Dear Ingo is one cool piece of lighting and the same goes to its price tag of $3,695. wow.

via Oh Gizmo!

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