Diamond-encrusted Emirates Boeing 777

Recently, Dubai-based airliner Emirates have created quite some attention when it posted an image, on Twitter, of an Emirates Boeing 777 that appeared to be covered in diamonds with the caption “Presenting the Emirates ‘Bling’ 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel.” It appears that some people has taken the image at face value (and failing to note the “image created by Sara Shakeel”) and got all excited about it. However, Emirates have since clarify it is not real.

The image was posted by crystal artist Sara Shakeel and it was picked up by Emirates. As you can see, it was a sight to behold. Imagine an enormous aircraft covered completely by diamonds. But keen eye observers would have noticed the so-called crystals are not laid out properly and the precious stones appeared to go all the way into the only visible engine. Anyways, sorry to disappoint… but those shiny bits aren’t real. The aircraft is, though.

Emirates are known for its spare-no-expense attitude when it comes to sprucing up the interior of first and business class, but even that, having diamonds amounting to millions or billions of dollars seem even too much for Emirates or any airline. Especially, when precious stones will be put through some quite brutal punishment as it cuts through the air.

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Image: Sara Shakeel.

Source: Arabian Business.