Different Types Of Bicycles To Choose From

Bicycles are one of the oldest means of transportation that are still relevant today, primarily due to their high convenience and efficiency. However, over the years, bikes have come a long way from their pedal-less wooden precursors. Now, bikes have branched to solve different purposes and are constructed with highly durable and lightweight materials.

Different Types Of Bicycles To Choose From
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As a beginner, it might pose a challenge to determine which type of bike you need, as choosing the right bike requires knowledge about different types of bikes and their features.

There are some websites like Bikelvr that regularly post content for both the budding and seasoned bicycle enthusiasts. While perusing through such websites, one can gain insight into the community and make better decisions.

Having the perfect bike makes all the difference to your riding experience. If you have already determined your purpose for riding a bike, the next logical step is to select the type of bike you need.

So, here are some different types of bikes you can choose from depending on your purpose.

  1. Road bike
    Road bikes are the best option if you want to buy a bike for touring, fitness, or racing. They are lightweight and fastest among other bikes, with an aggressive stance enabling you to push your limits.

    Road bikes are highly customizable as you can mount different fenders, racks, or other accessories as per your preference.

    However, for daily commutes and leisure riding, the road bike might be uncomfortable. The stance, saddle, and pedals are a discomfort for people who simply want to commute.
  1. Mountain Bike
    Mountain bikes (MTB) are rugged bicycles with sturdy wheels and frames. Such bikes are designed to beat rough terrains and can swiftly maneuver through narrow dirt trails.

    MTBs have a wide range of gear configurations, disk brakes, and shock absorbers to go off the beaten path. One can customize the suspensions and gears as per their needs.

    However, since MTBs are made to withstand rocky and rough terrain and have gears, these bikes tend to be quite heavy for commuting or touring purposes.
  1. Hybrid Bikes
    Hybrid bikes draw inspiration from road bikes, and they are the best choice for daily commutes.

    Hybrids have a laid-back seating position and flat handlebars, making these bikes very comfortable for daily commute. Moreover, they have wider tires which facilitate easier handling.

    However, this kind of hybrid can not tackle rough terrains or steep inclines.
  1. Cyclocross Bikes
    These bikes can offer the best of both worlds as they are a hybrid of mountain bikes and road bikes. So, if you often find yourself taking a shortcut through the park, then cyclocross bikes may be the right choice for you.

    These bikes are lightweight like road bikes but offer better shock absorbability, wider tires, and a comfortable stance like mountain bikes. You can also adjust the configuration of gears as per your preferences.

    So, you can enjoy these bikes off the asphalt and in the gravel as well. However, do not expect this hybrid to take as good a beating as a typical mountain bike because cyclocross bikes might not handle rocky surfaces as effectively.
  1. E-bikes
    Now, with the advent of electronic vehicles, even bikes have evolved. Electric bikes are gaining popularity these days owing to the convenience of riding them as they significantly reduce the effort.

    E-bikes use a chargeable Lithium-ion battery to power an electric motor that can assist your efforts by amplifying each pedal. Some bikes even have the feature to run on motor only, functioning as a scooter.

    Some high-quality E-bikes can assist you for a range of fifty to seventy miles. Like the daily commuters, even mountain bikes come in electric variation to aid the riders’ efforts and assist them in climbing uphill.

    These bikes are your best option to commute to the office without breaking a sweat.

    However, E-bikes might cost you significantly more in comparison to regular daily commuters.
  1. Folding Bikes
    Folding bikes are engineered to be folded to half or a third of their original size after use. These bikes are a perfect option for those long last-mile commutes. So, if your daily commute involves riding a subway then walking a mile or two to the office, then you can purchase a folding bike to assist you.

    You can use this bike to travel from home to the subway and then to the office.

    Moreover, there are now E-folding bikes available, making your last mile connectivity even more convenient.
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These are the different types of bikes you can choose from for your specific purpose. Ensure you carefully determine your needs before investing in a bike.

Featured image: Unsplash (Waldemar Brandt).