Posters. The awesome creation that let us express our loves freely. Well, “loves”, only if you have many walls available. But with Displate posters, you need not worry about limited wall spaces. Displate are magnetically mounted metal posters, so you can switch to a new “love” whenever you like.

Displate Magnetically Mounted Metal Posters

Because it ain’t paper, it will outlast your regular posters. Plus, it most certainly won’t be afraid of silverfishes. With Displate, you have nothing to fear unless you have a scraplet infestation, but you aren’t living on Cybertron, are you?

Anyhoo, there are a myriad of designs available. From pop culture icons from Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics to gaming to regular old art, you will find something to your fancy. There’s a catch, though. Not all properties are available to all countries.

Displate Magnetically Mounted Metal Posters

The metal posters are available in three sizes, M (45 cm /32 cm), L (67.5 cm / 48 cm), and XL (90 cm / 64 cm), and in a choice of matte or gloss finish.

You can choose to buy without or without frame. But the frame is really an aesthetic choice because, it does not quite need it. Displate Metal Posters can be hard for a starting price of US$44 on

Displate Magnetically Mounted Metal Posters

Images: Displate.

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